Tragic story of "toddler bipolar syndrome"

The story doesn’t get any sadder. I wonder how many kids are diagnosed for bipolar disorder and prescribed seroquel, or worse, depakote?


Section 8 "controversy" in New Orleans

Kudos to Ann Duplessis:

“We can’t keep hiding behind what we think is politically right to say,” said State Senator Ann Duplessis, who said that was why she took up what she referred to as a highly important, but highly controversial issue: to limit the development of new Section-8 housing units in Eastern New Orleans, something critics think is a way to keep poor, evacuated New Orleanians away from the city

Section 8 is a well known disaster, a vestige of LBJ’s war on poverty, which has done nothing but create a market for poverty. There should be a moratorium on public housing in NOLA until murders go down to, say, less than one every two days.

Enough is enough

Hey guys, no time to properly chat about this, but an important retelling of the New Orleans story we all know too well by now .

The Big Not So Easy

The WSJ has a good summary of why it is so tough to deal with New Orleans. Guiliani fought crime without the luxury of rebuilding his city. Nagin’s faults are legion, but he is right when he says Manhatten still has a big hole in the ground five years after 9/11, and everyone expects New Orleans to be up and running.

If what Nagin says is true, that each time federal officials threaten to shut off housing subsidies for displaced New Orleans residents, a new wave of criminals turns up on the city’s streets. That is a sad proposition for the city. So, are all the citizens that do not have subsidized housing in other places and return to New Orleans criminals? If this is the case then just build a series of jails instead of projects, since the purpose is one and the same.

Piyush (Bobby) Jindal, please come help clean this mess up.


Old Dirty Bastard, aka Big Baby Jesus, died yesterday at the age of thirty-five. Once ODB had an MTV crew follow him to the welfare office where he picked up his benefits, despite the fact he had made 65K on his advance alone for selling records. RIP

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How did poor ole ODB die?