I came across an anomaly today. Usually I agree with Tom Sowell, much to the dismay of many of my colleagues, but occasionally I disagree, like when he posited that people don’t have the right to knock on doors to try to convert people to Mormonism; the right to property trumps the right to free speech, on a person’s property, goes the argument. Well, for some crazy reasons I disagreed with him there. Here I am more ambivalent. Sowell summarily trashes Teddy Roosevelt for his trust-busting stance. While I certainly don’t like the anti-industry populism rampant in government today, the worst example being the Clinton administration’s attempt to cut Microsoft in half a few years back, I think there were a lot of the stereotypical greedy capitalists back then. Lots of people dying in coal mines, child labor, that kind of thing. My biggest complaint with Sowell, and with many modern conservatives who like to trash TR, is that they fail to acknowledge his pretty substantial achievements, namely the building of the Panama Canal and the brokerage of peace between Japanese and Russians and Germany and France. This was a prescient man, he sent a fleet of battleships near Japan in 1909…you know just some peaceful exercises; oh you better believe the Japanese were our friends then.

Posted at 10:42 pm by Johnny B