Anyone miss Imus? I don’t.

Just in case any of you were wondering how the huge void left by Imus could possibly be filled, how a shock-jock/political commentator’s inaudible and thoughtless rants could possibly be replaced. Worry no more. In the DC market, it has been replaced by a decidedly less editorial and more journalistic show, the Wall Street Journal This Morning.

No “media-elite” guests, or political banter. Just business news coupled with a little shameless promotions by corporate sponsors. Although for a second (actually .63 seconds) I thought I would miss Imus’s mumbling babble to David Gregory, very quickly I felt my IQ points lift slightly as a result of Imuslessness.

The Wall Street Journal This Morning


Imus Fired from MSNBC

I really find this a little confusing for two main reasons:

1) I’ve listened to Imus many times before and have heard way more offensive, racist, and degrading comments–anti-semitic, misogynistic, etc.

2) This guy is not a conservative, and never has been. He supported Kerry for President, and constantly kisses the ass of media elite, liberal politicians, and “maverick” Republicans.

Why now? Why him? And “Who’s next?”

Update: Now he’s been fired from CBS Radio as well, BUT…you can now buy a variety of “nappy-headed hos” paraphernalia. America, what a country.

Imus Fired from MSNBC – Associated Content