The unbiased nature of the world press

(Sarcasm alert!) Wow, if Fox news and the rest of the wacky Zionist media could follow the example of al-arabiya, the world would be a much better place….



Princess Nancy in Damascus

Yeah, can’t say I expected anything miraculous from HRH in the Middle East, but I must say I expected a little more professionalism and tact than this.

This whole fiasco comes on the heels of Nancy’s instructions to President Bush to “take a deep breath” and to respect Congress’ constitutional role, which apparently now includes establishing dipolomatic foreign policy.


This post by Amarji (disclaimer: some rather harsh language) sums up my feelings on the Diane Sawyer interview.

Why in the name of all that is holy must we kiss the ass of leaders of regimes that are obviously our enemy, but if we sit down with John McCain or Karl Rove we feel the need to grill them.

It boggles the mind to watch our most high-profile journalists act so deferential to the likes of Castro, Saddam Hussein, and Ahmadinejad, and now al-Assad. I personally don’t care what is on this guy’s IPod, but do care why he’s continues to support terrorism against Iraqis and Americans. At least ask the questions, Diane. It’s not too much of us to expect you to at least ask the tough questions…is it?

Addendum: And if you look at the transcript it is exasperating to listen to Diane Sawyer always talk about “the Americans” in the third person. Never would she lump herself into that rabble. Is she Canadian?