At first I thought, “OK, Dems are backing off a little on their ‘let’s lose as soon as possible’ strategy, and the White House is finally acknowledging that if Baghdad isn’t held accountable for stepping up and taking control of their destiny, then we’ll never get anywhere.”

Great, right?

OH No…it seems that somehow health coverage for children, farm aid, a minimum wage increase (double AAARGGH) , and tax breaks for small businesses must be included with the bill.

It reminds me of when my grandmother was suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis (yeah, I know…bear with me). She’d take about 10 pills twice a day…one for pain, one for inflammation, one for something else, and the other 7 to counteract the vicious side-effects of the first three.

I understand the concept of give and take in the Senate. I probably would never make it as a Senator (OK for tons of reasons) because I would not be able to sign off on bills which included 80% BS. But the inability of the Senate to formulate good legislation (especially a military funding bill) without packing on lard…well it’s just sad.

Democrats to fund Iraq war with no pullout date


Immigration bill survives attack on temporary worker program

Does anyone but me get the impression that the Senate is in that classic mode of putting through legislation for the purpose of putting through legislation, so they can go back to the voters and say, “I lead the effort for ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform .”

Now true, if Ted Kennedy AND John McCain are both happy with a piece of legislation, I just automatically get nervous. But it seems like the “attacks” that the Senate keeps fighting back are just simple common sense. Can anyone argue that the unifying forces forming this “unlikely coalition” are very simply agri-business (sorry…BIG AGRA) and labor-unions, both lining the pockets and providing power to two political parties, 64 percent of which have somehow missed the simple fact that their constituents DO NOT BELIEVE THEM when they say they are going to be “tough” on border security, especially when the bill provides very little teeth and details on that point.

These are the times when Scottie’s national referendum rants seem to make sense…if just for a few moments.

International Herald Tribune

No Resolution to Biden’s Talk Show

This is what happens when you read a speech from a Senator about Iraq that actually makes a little sense. A few months later, he’s back to his old self, because he’s obsessed with his prospects for President.

This is why if I were to support a Senator for President, the most tempting prospect at this point would be Barack Obama. Assuming he is what he claims to be, and his attitude is genuine, I would simply pray that 4 years in the Senate isn’t enough to morph him into that odd creature that is a Senator.

One has to operate from the assumption that they’re not just born this way…there is something that happens in that chamber, something that hinders their ability to tenor their speech, except as it pertains to focus groups and interest orgs. An election year…or two years…almost precludes the possibility of actual conversations to occur, without the allure of the Oval Office hanging in the air.

And Biden is by no means the worst–even though he loves to hear himself speak, he (as I’ve pointed out is my favorite trait of his) at least speaks the English language, unlike Mr. Kerry whose Senatese has been so refined as to become unintelligible.

Perhaps it’s just a Senate thing (as perhaps your average Representative doesn’t have quite the same reputation), but it does illustrate why Senators make terrible Presidential candidates. In addition to all the deal-cutting necessary to garner voting records that anyone could pick apart, they have a serious problem expressing themselves without slipping into the blah, blah, blah…

However, executive types (Governors and Mayors) have mastered the art of making decisions instead of compromising, ducking, dodging, and hedging.

So those who want a Republican to win the White House in ’08, Romney and Giulliani are probably your best bet, and I suppose Bill Richardson is the best bet on the Democrat side. Because the Senators (even if they say just want to “chat”) are just simply going to blabber their way to 48 percent or so.