Rupert Murdoch, communist?

The common rap on FoxNews is that it is a bastion of right wing talking points. That is probably true, but that doesn’t mean Rupert Murdoch is a conservative, any more than Warren Buffett cares about American working families when he proposes that America renew the inheritance tax. The political stances of both men are crafted in large part by their personal, financial gain. Buffett built his empire by gobbling up smaller family businesses following the death of a major shareholder. Few family businesses of any size can manage a 50% tax on all assets. Buffett would come in and soon become lead shareholder.

As for Murdoch, he saw a huge market to be exploited in television news, and he shrewdly exploited it. That he contributed to Al Gore’s, George W Bush’s, and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns should tell you he is no party ideologist but rather hedging his bets to fend off the fairness doctrine types so he can retain his profits.

Which brings us to China. This article lays out Murdoch’s attempts to bend over backwards to appease the Chinese communist government at all costs. This does not bode well for the democratic critics of China.

In speeches and interviews, Mr. Murdoch often supports the policies of Chinese leaders and attacks their critics. A group of China-based reporters for The Journal accused him in a letter to Dow Jones shareholders of “sacrificing journalistic integrity to satisfy personal and political aims,” a charge the News Corporation denies.