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The kind of thing I get in the inbox daily:

>Call for Applications for Young Global Leaders Summits
>Globally conscious young leaders at OSU wishing to make a difference in
>the world are invited to apply for one of Americans for Informed
>Democracy’s Young Global Leaders Summits, which are taking place across
>America in the summer of 2006! The summits will bring together young
>leaders from across the U.S. for workshops, speakers, and discussions on
>how young people can take positive action to ensure a principled and
>collaborative U.S. role in the world. Participants will hear from top
>experts and then be immersed in breakout sessions where the y will have
>the chance to weigh in with their own view o n the U.S. role in global
>issues. The summits are free for selected participants thanks to generous
>support from the Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers
>Fund, and Open Society Institute.
>To learn more about our summer conferences, click on the link below for
>more on the global summit that interests you:

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I’m so ashamed at what this country is coming to…I read this story in the AP…

BEAVER FALLS, Pa. (AP) — A 17-year-old high school student said he was humiliated when a teacher made him sit on the floor during a midterm exam in his ethnicity class — for wearing a Denver Broncos jersey.

Can you believe it? What kind of school teaches “ethnicity” class

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Posted by Chrissy @ 01/29/2006 02:05 AM PST
I think I would have enjoyed an ethnicity class… perhaps I would have learned earlier that Cajuns are a federally recognized ethnicity and should claim themselves as such on the US Census 😉 Seriously though, that was one of the best parts of living in Los Angeles.. learning about all different types of people, customs, cultures, etc (and their foods. mmmm)

Posted by john broussard @ 01/29/2006 05:01 AM PST
Ethnicity class may have be fun, but a solid civics or history class is better in the long run for a student, in my opinion. I’m glad you’ve got to experience different customs and cultures, and it sounds like this is pretty easy to do, and doesn’t require formal instruction. There are many asian graduate students, and I’ve learned a few recipes from them. One thing I admire is their focus on science and math education, which will put them ahead of Americans unless we do something about it.

Posted by Chrissy @ 01/29/2006 02:37 PM PST
If I would have stayed in Louisiana, I would have never experienced anything outside of black and white. I think some people see teaching students about other cultures or even languages as threatening but I think it’s wonderful. There’s more to life the the three R’s.. like art, music and culture – both American and non-American. Learning about these things develops different parts of the brain and helps people to think differently (and it’s been said more efficiently). Plus when we understand other people’s differences we tend to be more accepting of them.

Asian-Americans and other Americans are thriving on the science and math that’s currently offered.. that leads me to believe that the content is there, the kids just have to be encouraged to appreciate it.

Awareness of Diversity: the only path to Freedom against Terrorism

“Diversity” Really it is a shame, because “diversity” can be so useful sometimes. Like “I wish my stock portfolio had more diversity”. If I said that now, people will assume I am buying stocks of companies run by hmong midgets. Now I have to use either “variety” or “variability”, which are different words. Working in a University, I am assaulted by diversity. People who want to raise awareness about the viability of transexual polygamous families hide behind the shield of “diversity” to promote a deviant lifestyle. The role of a University is to educate, not to promote diversity. There’s plenty of white guilt and “straight guilt” to go around I guess.

My baby and I were cooking pancakes the other day, and I wanted to make pancakes of different sizes so they could stack. “You want diversity in your pancakes?” I said, “What you want me to get some dirt and make a dirt pancake, so I could appreciate diversity pancakes?”

What’s really crazy is when some advocacy group comes out with a motto like “Freedom in Diversity”. …Must….support…Freedom in Diversity…cannot…fight it.

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Posted by john broussard @ 09/17/2005 09:23 AM PDT
Just took the written portion of my generals…66% done with that bad boy. See y’all at the end of the month.

Posted by Mike Gagagan @ 09/17/2005 10:39 AM PDT
Diversity is nothing more than an attempt by some people, generally liberals, to divide people. After they divide people, it’s easier to pit people against each other via class warfare (for taxes) or race baiting (for social programs like affirmative action). We are all Americans and until we realize this, we will be divided into little sects and infighting will continue, which is just how some people keep thier power (i.e. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.).

Posted by Mirror_Ball @ 09/17/2005 05:08 PM PDT
The same could be said of “values”. It can be easily argued that conservatives use the ambiguously defined concept of “values” (or more commonly “family values”) to exclude all that don’t conform to traditional “norms”. More, they wrongly believe that the “inclusion” of people like Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice in their fold constitutes “diversity”. That’s not diversity, that’s tokenism!

Posted by Logipundit @ 09/18/2005 11:37 AM PDT


You’re right about the word values and family values. It assumes a white-bread 1950’s style view of the Leave it to Beaver family, which is why the term “family values” is really not as popular of a term any more. When you see it now it’s used more on a local level than it is on a national level. But I’ll grant you the word is misused to mean a specific form of values instead of a general term for those things that people…value.

So you had me…and then you called Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice tokens…I must say I was taken aback (because you seem more intelligent than that). Do you really think that they are both tokens? What about Gonzales? Chao? Are they just tokens as well, simply because they are minority?

That is the most racist thing I ever heard.

Posted by Logipundit @ 09/18/2005 03:53 PM PDT
OH…and Johnny B, by the way…

When you’re talking about stocks, I believe diversification is the proper term, but hey…we knew what you meant.

Posted by Mirror_Ball @ 09/18/2005 06:15 PM PDT
Actually Logipundit, I’ve already discussed the issue of black conservatives in-depth.

As far as intellect goes, I am entitled to my opinion. I rather dislike the Right-wing tendency of persons like yourself of labeling all those that do not share your views of race as “racist”. Blacks like Rice, Thomas (and Powell for that matter) benefited from many of the things that conservatives oppose — Affirmative Action and diversity initiatives — yet put their vote and support behind the party that diametrically opposes such things. Powell is an exception, but he values loyalty over substance (as race relations go). The same way you conservatives like to stigmatize the Clinton administration as race baiters (and have the right to do so), I as a BLACK MAN have the right to criticize Jesse Jackson (whom I also criticize from time to time), Condoleezza Rice and Clarence Thomas. I’ve spoken…

Posted by Logipundit @ 09/19/2005 12:17 AM PDT
You have spoken, and again I’m surprised at the tone…I don’t think I took that tone with you, and if I did, my apologies, but it was not intentional. I’d appreciate your dropping yours.

Look Mirror, I don’t care if you’re black or not, the fact that you don’t believe that Condaleeza Rice or Thomas are worthy of their positions simply because they are a minority and they don’t agree with you is disturbing.

You see, since you are a black man, you feel that you have more of a right to criticize Rice and Thomas than I do to support them. That makes no sense. It would be like me saying to you…”Hey Clinton was wrong for America…and I know because I’m a white guy and you’re not.” {It’s also no different than saying a civilian can’t make comments on military matters, because “He doesn’t know because he’s never been there man!”}

The reason I called your comment (not YOU, but your comment) racist is not because you are black or white, but because it shows an absolute obsession with race instead of color blindness. I think part of racism is assuming that everyone around you is racist, including EVERY PERSON associated with helping Thomas and Rice along the way to the positions they are currently in. Can you imagine all those racists carefully orchestrating their careers so they can be used as Uncle Toms in the Bush administration?

I read your post on Thomas, Brown, Powell, Rice, etc…and I only have one thing to say:


You seem to believe that if someone is against Affirmative Action they are against civil rights and furthermore against black people. The truth is if you have EVER had a conversation with an intelligent conservative, then you find out that they believe that Affirmative Action is a BARRIER to the progress of “Civil Rights”.

Do you TRULY believe that Bush is sitting around going…”HA HA HA…this is so cool! We found a black guy who doesn’t believe in Affirmative Action…it’s a gold mine! What succers!”

You are matter-of-factly claiming that a vote against Affirmative Action is a vote against black people. That’s an exceedingly simplistic view to an issue that is way more complex than “for black people” and “against black people”.

If you had a conversation with Rice, Thomas, Brown, etc…I am almost positive (I mean I don’t know, but I’m guessing) that they sincerely believe and would provide great arguments to why they believe, that Affirmative Action is actually bad for the African American community. Furthermore they would disagree that affirmative action got them where they are, and instead would claim (I believe correctly) that it was their merit that got them there.

Anyway, I know that race is always an important issue, but if you make it THE issue subservient to all possilbe logic and reason, then regardless of your own race, the comments come across as racist.

Make it a great day.

Posted by Mike Gahagan @ 09/19/2005 01:42 AM PDT
Why do liberals always start out their sentences with “As a black man …” or “As a woman …” or “As a Transsexual-Puerto Rican-American? This is precisely the point that I made earlier. Liberals have done a fantastic job of dividing people into little sects depending on their color, race, sex, sexual orientation, etc. and then pitted these little groups against each other to make one sect feel like a victim of the other sect, and to make it appear that everyone from each little sect thinks exactly alike. The reason why I know that this tactic is working so brilliantly is because black liberals are constantly starting their sentences with “As a black man ….” Sometimes they even write them in all caps to drive the point home that they were born with black skin.
Moreover, if you don’t think exactly like all of the other people in that sect, you are a considered a traitor (i.e. Uncle Tom, token, lapdog, take your pick). It makes absolutely no difference what color you are and no one, outside of the liberal faith, cares. You may not like Jesse Jackson but neither do lots of other people, regardless of their skin color or sex. Most people now realize that if blacks and whites were to feel equal, which in reality they actually are equal, Jesse Jackson, the former Clinton Moral Advisor, would be out of a job. Contrary to liberal ideology, all black men do not think alike. The fact that some people choose to preface their statements by defining their external appearance brings nothing to the discussion and basically screams, “I am a liberal, get ready, because I am about to say something really liberal!” Here I go. “As a black man ….”
Dr. Rice and Justice Thomas are in their positions because they have proven themselves to be extremely intelligent (both cum laude in undergrad) and effective leaders in education and law, respectively, and they are in the Bush administration because they both happen to be conservative. Conservatives don’t care that they are black. Most Conservatives would like nothing more than to see Dr. Rice run for President, not because she’s black, but because she believes in what we believe in. Most members of the NAACP don’t want to see Dr. Rice run for President, not because she’s not black, but because she believes in what we believe in. The only people that get upset when they see a successful minority in a position of leadership in the Republican Party are liberals and the NAACP, which are now primarily one in the same. I am still amazed that a group which is supposed to be “for the advancement of colored people,” doesn’t want some colored people to advance. Blacks, in extremely large numbers, have been voting for Liberals and donating to the NAACP for decades and have you seen any improvements for blacks?
I’m sure that you already know this but Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and the Republicans were the reason that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. Can you guess how the Democratic Senator, Al Gore Sr., voted? (Against) Can you guess how the Democratic Senator Robert Byrd voted (or which national organization he was head of)? (Against & KKK). Can you guess how Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright, who was President Clinton’s mentor, voted? (Against). Bill Clinton even awarded Senator Fulbright the Medal of Freedom after his no-vote. Are you starting to see a trend?
In fact, in the Senate, only 69% of Democrats (46 for, 21 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act as compared to 82% of Republicans (27 for, 6 against), and all southern Democratic senators voted against the Act. In the House of Representatives, 61% of Democrats (152 for, 96 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act, of which 92 of the 103 southern Democrats voted against it. Among Republicans, 80% (138 for, 34 against) voted for the Act. (The Congressional Quarterly, June 26, 1964, p. 1323). More importantly, Roy Wilkins, then-NAACP chairman, awarded Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen of Illinois the Leadership Conference of Civil Rights Award for his “remarkable civil rights leadership.” This was back when the NAACP actually tried to promote blacks and could care less which party did it.
For the record, I am not writing this as a white man.

Posted by Mirror Ball @ 09/19/2005 10:38 AM PDT
One question, Logipundit: Are you and John Broussard one-in-the-same? I’d just like to know who I’m debating with, lol.

First, your contention that I took a tone with you is — AMUSING; I didn’t. I was just stating my opinion. My apologies if you took it that way. Next, I have NEVER assumed that everyone around me is racist (?). And “color-blindness” is a flawed concept; when you tell a person-of-color “When I look at you, I don’t see your color — I just see a person”, it is like saying that there’s something WRONG with that person’s color, so I’ll just pretend he/she ISN’T that color. THAT’S racist. Blacks and whites are different and that isn’t necessarily a BAD thing; our differences are what make America unique, not some perverse ideal that we should all strive to be (culturally) the same. What is American culture but a blending of various cultures. We do, however, largely aspire to the same things, those being success and contentment.

You seem to have missed everything I said in that post. I never said that Rice and Powell were undeserving of their positions because of their race (?). That assertion, in and of itself, proves another point I’ve frequently made about conservatives and race relations; they don’t want to support civil rights in the traditional sense — they want to tweak them! [e.g. Affirmative Access vs. Affirmative Action] You totally twisted my points in that statement. And Janice Rogers Brown’s stances in various Civil Rights cases more than confirm what I’m getting at! Also, the fact that you laud books like Dinesh D’Souza’s “The End of Racism” showcases the large disconnect that Republicans and/or Conservatives HAVE with African-Americans. [I’ve read that book, incidentially; Slavery is not (inherently) a racist institution, but it was as it was practiced in the United States!]

And Mike Gahagan’s contention that LIBERALS have succeeded in dividing people along race, sex, sexual orientation etc., is somewhat off-base. Remember, it was conservatives (hastened by Karl Rove) that went into the African-American community (a FIRST) and tried to draw black votes by playing on the religious homophobia RAMPANT in our community (i.e. opposition to Same-Sex marriage), hence dividing black and gay Americans. More, George W. Bush’s speech at Bob Jones University in 2000, which then had an enforced ban on interracial dating — has only compounded this. Many people-of-color — myself included — have seen Ronald Reagan’s infamous coining of the phrase “welfare queen” as QUITE divisive (when you read between the lines). Reagan also supported apartheid and once labeled Nelson Mandela as a communist; this suggested a subtle support for institutionalized racism in (at least) other places in the world — in the form of APARTHEID. Then there’s Trent Lott’s (not to mention Haley Barbour’s) support for the CCC [Council of Conservative Citizens] — an organization that has disdained Dr. King, Abraham Lincoln AND Abraham Lincoln.

I am, by no means, suggesting that racism is only specific to the Republican Party. Indeed, Senator Robert Byrd is a former Klansman; and then there’s Zell Miller, who is only a Democrat in NAME — he’s really a Dixiecrat! More, Democrats seldom defend Civil Rights anymore because they also (hopelessly) seek to draw support from politically moderate to conservative [white] Southerners; I live in Texas and this has been true for a LONG time. And I OFTENT differ with Jesse Jackson on his motives and methods! [An understatement].

You seem like an intelligent blogger, Logipundit, but I suspect you had more ulterior motives when you came onto my blog the other week and dismissed my comments on the Katrina response as “unintelligent”. Make no mistake — I enjoy debate and divergent views, but I dislike being baited. Again, I apologize if you interpretted my previous comments as having a tone; that was not my intention. However, you will not have to be bothered with me “tonally” tainting your blog again. Nice blog, by the way.

The Fates Bless and Keep You,

Mervin, aka Mirror Ball.

Posted by Mike Gahagan @ 09/19/2005 11:52 AM PDT
Please cite your sources Mirror Ball. Although some people simply reiderate and/or regurgitate what others have said without researching the truth of the matter for themselves, I’m sure that you have checked out all of your accusations and found them to be true. Please tell me where I may affirm your sources.

1.) [I]t was conservatives (hastened by Karl Rove) that went into the African-American community (a FIRST) and tried to draw black votes by playing on the religious homophobia RAMPANT in our community (i.e. opposition to Same-Sex marriage), hence dividing black and gay Americans.

2.) More, George W. Bush’s speech at Bob Jones University in 2000, which then had an enforced ban on interracial dating….

3.) Ronald Reagan’s infamous coining of the phrase “welfare queen”….

4.) Reagan also supported apartheid and once labeled Nelson Mandela as a communist….

5.) …this suggested a subtle support for institutionalized racism in (at least) other places in the world — in the form of APARTHEID.

6.) CCC [Council of Conservative Citizens] — an organization that has disdained Dr. King, Abraham Lincoln AND Abraham Lincoln.

If you’re going to make claims, you have to give others the opportunity to check them out. I look forward to researching your accusations. Hopefully, we’ll find that you’re a person who thinks for himself and not just some liberal parrot.

Posted by Logipundit @ 09/19/2005 03:50 PM PDT
Mirror Ball…

Dude we’re talking past each other…sorry…I”ll come up with a new post and respond to your comments, because I think some of them are quite valid.

Posted by Mike Gahagan @ 09/20/2005 08:48 AM PDT
Don’t waste your time Logipundit. As a black man, Mervin doesn’t care about the facts. As a black man, he is obviously just repeating something that he heard or read in a liberal forum and has chosen not to cite any of his accusations, likely because his cites do not exist. As a black man he just swoops in, throws a couple of bombs, calls everyone a racists, and then leaves because someone offended his delicate feelings. As a black man, he is probably the same type of person that has a blog site like this and erases blogs that he doesn’t agree with.
You are doing a good job with this site, and if Mervin isn’t going to add anything to the conversation of value, I’m sure that you can find another person to speak as a black man sooner or later (you know, like a token like Powell, Rice, or Thomas).
For the record, I will now be referring to myself as a European-American. Not because I was born in Europe, but this way I can separate myself from everyone else in America and then claim that I am a minority and get special treatment (i.e. get to attend minority job fairs, get minority scholarships, get federally backed minority loans, and lots of other goodies reserved only for European-Americans). Who knows, I may be able to form the Congressional European-American Caucus. But I won’t be a racist because I am a “minority.”