Brown plans UK’s nuclear future

This is intriguing. It looks like the new Prime-Minister elect of the UK is pushing for Nuclear energy (eight plants within 15 years). A predictable response from the environmentalist factor:

Greenpeace last night condemned his plans. A spokesman said: ‘Reaching for nuclear power to solve climate change is like taking up smoking to lose weight. Is it a simple answer? Yes. Is it an effective answer to the climate change crisis? Absolutely not.’

However, Alistair Darling, the Trade and Industry Secretary stated:

A strong opponent of nuclear power when he was first elected to parliament 20 years ago, Darling says he now believes that Britain has no option but to remain nuclear. ‘I respect the views of someone who says they don’t want nuclear in any circumstances whatsoever. Fair enough. Right, tell me what the alternative is. If there was an easy answer that had low carbon, no cost, no eyesores somebody would have found it. And we haven’t found it yet… Yes we need to consult. [But] at the end the government has got to make a decision.’

You have to admit one thing about nuclear energy; it’s low in carbon emissions.

The Observer