Napoleon, the Jews and French Muslims

Here’s an interesting story about possible parallels between the Jewish Emancipation in Napoleonic France and the status of modern French Muslims. The former event just celebrated its bicentennial. The article focuses on one component of that particular period:

To find out if there was something in Jewish law and custom preventing integration, Napoleon summoned a council of Jewish leaders and put to them 12 questions about Jewish laws and customs…[T}he more important questions related to the transition a marginalized people were making to a new idea of citizenship: Jews born in France were treated by the law as citizens, did they regard France as their country? Did they feel they had an obligation to defend it?

The Jewish leaders came to the conclusion that there was nothing in their dogma which would preclude them from integrating into society and being good patriots. So the author asks this pertinent question:

Could one imagine a ceremony at the Hotel de Ville in 200 years where the Muslim community reaffirms its commitment to French definitions of secularism, integration, faith and patriotism?

Very good question.

International Herald Tribune


Root causes

This lady has some ideas about the root causes of islamic terrorism.

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It’s not ending

Apparently mosques are being attacked, too.

Police detained 206 people during the night, during which youngsters attacked a primary school in Savigny-Le-Temple southeast of Paris and destroyed its creche.

Two shops were destroyed in Rambouillet, southwest of Paris, and a person on a scooter threw two fire bombs at a mosque and in the southern town of Carpentras before fleeing.

There was no major damage and no one was hurt but Chirac, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFSM) swiftly condemned the attack.

(Nice to know what these guys priorities are! JIB)

“We firmly ask the authorities in particular to protect our mosques, which seem to be becoming the target of violent demonstrations and provocations,” the CFSM said.

Wikipedia has a good table and graphic on the extent of the damage. Troublemakers in Greece, Spain, Belgium. Apparently there is a big plan to riot in Brussels as well.


The early stages of "Eurabian War"

Mark Steyn writes a scathing polemical about France. He’s not very nice to the French, but, heck, neither are those Muslem immigrants. The more I read about France’s current demographics, the more I understand why they aren’t too keen on being friendly with the USA. All the rabble rousing against the US hasn’t bought them much sympathy from the Muslem Immigrants.

I’ll say two things. 1.) All Francophobia aside, I really hope those guys get a handle on this for the sake of western civilization.

2.) Most Muslim immigrants I’ve seen either own some small market or store with like a million dollars stashed away, or is going to law school/med school/grad school. They may be cranky and hate Israel, but they are not going to torch cars. However, blacks who have been in America for two centuries will riot much more violently than the North Africans (the Rodney King riots were much shorter but much more violent…so far). Probably has to do with government subsidized housing, I’m thinking.

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Posted by BP @ 11/09/2005 10:54 PM PST
this is indeed just the beginning. I’m torn, though.
I can’t decide whether to feel sorry for the French for having an unruly populace, and hence feel a little proud that even with our problems we don’t let these sort of things get so bad.

OR…do I say to hell with France and it’s tyrannical UN buddies for daring to pose as authorities on human rights.

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I wouldn’t be so quick to pat ourselves on the back…the Rodney King riots were just over 10 years ago. I will say our immigration problems are not nearly as bad as those in the EU, however. Check out “Songs from the Second Floor”
a movie recommended by none other than Rothell, which gives clues as to why European youths are so depressed.