Throwing a bone I actually found a video in which …

Throwing a bone

I actually found a video in which I agree with the good professor at MIT more than I disagree (at least during the second half of the clip). Of course, if Foucault argued with a brick wall I’d be inclined to side with the wall. Chomsky comes off at least as more hopeful of the two. Also posting this as Vietnam, over thirty years since the war, is now begging to crack open our sweet American market. Meanwhile Thailand, Singapore, and even China have improved their respective standard of living considerably the last thirty years, due mainly to their access to American markets. Not exactly “Tearing up Indochina”, I’d say.

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Oldie but goodie

A memorable and interesting debate between WFB and the good professor from MIT. I’ll admit that WFB comes off as pompous whereas the professor looks calm, cool and collected, but looking at history since this debate…well judge for yourself.