chutzpah knows no bounds …

to all the cynics out there that say the israeli lobby is not influential , read the link , as it is very revealing.

i guess i should forward this to abraham foxman and alan dershowitz and even noam chomsky who all claim that the phantom israeli lobby wields no significant power in the US. joke

this article represents the true manipulation that DOES exist, and the general in question does not say that the US should strike iran out of our national interest, but out of the concern for the israeli national interest.

dual loyalties, or is it really a higher loyalty to a rogue state that allows our political leaders to be sub-contracted out for pursuing actions that have nothing to do with our constituents and their needs and desires.

i am so disgusted by this article.


AIPAC’s agenda, in their own words

Taken straight from AIPAC’s site.

Their agenda is clear, and if you peruse the AIPAC site, the most consistent theme is lobbying the US to pursue actions against Iran for the Israeli regime.

I especially like this line in the last paragraph :

“AIPAC ‘educates’ all of them about the importance of the US-Israel relationship”

In my mind, the word “educates” can be easily replaced with “coerces” and the sentence still has fluidity.