Katrina evacuees in Houston

Every time I hear people say, “The illegals are doing jobs Americans aren’t willing to do!” I think of stories like this:

Many had been holding out hope that they would be home in New Orleans by now, but the city’s rebuilding has been painfully slow, and about 100,000 are still here. They have settled in more or less permanently, some still on food stamps.

About 12,000 families are still getting federal aid for housing, the city said. Of that group, about 5,500 heads of households are unemployed, not counting those who are elderly and disabled, city officials said.

Sadly, Katrina evacuees, citizens of the US of A, are treated with less respect than people who willfully (and sometimes repeatedly) broke American laws to enter the country, and have no plans of assimilating or even learning English. What does Al Sharpton or Hillary Clinton have to say about all this?


Bobby Jindal and FEMA

Bobby Jindal takes up the case against FEMA. My take is that these things get slapped together in a hurry in an emergency. Many people looked the other way with regards to health hazards in the wake of disasters like Katrina. That doesn’t mean problems and mistakes should be swept under the rug. He may only be grandstanding, but I don’t see any other congressmen or Senators taking up the case here, if any other representatives are speaking out about this.

“Further, case studies show that even if residents followed FEMA’s guidelines on appropriate ventilation of trailers, high levels of formaldehyde can remain,” Jindal said.

After Hurricane Katrina, guess who wasn’t in Maryland

A great article/lovefest over Bobby Jindal. I think any state would be lucky to have this guy as a serious candidate for governor.

An excerpt:

Bobby Jindal doesn’t tell a lot of stories about what he did during Katrina. Seeing the devastation firsthand does that to you. You have to hear it from the people around him, the people who saw what he did.

A few days after the storm, there was a meeting of the Louisiana principals. Blanco was there, FEMA’s soon-to-be-infamous Michael Brown, a handful of Congressmen, and every local political staffer worth shaking a stick at, and some not even worth that. It was supposed to start at Noon. At 12:30, it still hadn’t. People were milling around, chatting, giving quotes to reporters.

Jindal surveyed the room for a few minutes. Then he saw Blanco and the others pause to look at a television in the corner—it was footage from another press conference they’d had the previous day, broadcasting on CNN. The politicians all stood around, watching themselves on the screen.

Jindal turned to his chief of staff, and said, “Let’s go.”

You can imagine where it goes from there. Worth an honest read.

Blanco Dropping Out

Courtesy of Cajun Tiger…

Kathleen Blanco is stepping out of the race for Governor in Louisiana. I agree with CT and am pretty sure the Democratic Party in Louisiana knows that she has little chance of making it. I sincerely doubt the decision was hers.


Cameron rebuilding

A good article on Cameron, without the irritating commentary about how horrible America is:

The Boudreauxs are growing weary of the name Katrina, particularly the media’s coverage of New Orleans. Regina says, “You hear all these celebrities with Katrina this and Katrina that. They have a Katrina fund and all this stuff. I think our governor almost forgot us.”

“She’s beginning to wake up to the facts over there,” J.C. says. “We do exist. But we didn’t holler enough. We just sucked it up and went back on back to work. People in New Orleans there squawked and howled.”

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More Rita Aftermath

NPR recently made a stop down home and interviewed my cousin Kevin. The juxtaposition of the New Orleans “victims” and Rita “survivors” is telling. Still hard to fathom what all is going on down there, as the heat is now setting in and hurricane season starts

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Katrina and Kelo

The Opinion Journal has a good discussion of the facts and people involved. Wonder what Souter thinks?

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An excellent illustration of how the political left is no real friend to the common man…

Funny though, how in the end the author points out the main subject of the article is “no defender of capitalist principles”, even though he is fighting eminent domain. Maybe one day he’ll realize the connection between those two things, for they are inexorably linked.

Kelo was the absolute worst decision to come down from the supreme court in decades.