An Israeli’s Opinion on the Saudi Initiative

A columnist from Israel writes a nice commentary on the renewed Arab League Proposal (Saudi Initiative) and why Israel should embrace the proposal, and not continue its legacy of rejectionism.


Why does this go unreported in the US?

My stepdad’s daughter who works for the UN took my step-dad to Hebron last spring, and he told me last summer what was happening to the Palestinians there was unspeakable.

There were several hundred illegal settlers who occupied the upper floors of a building in Hebron, and then when the Palestinians go outside in the streets above the building, the settlers would throw trash, feces, and other undesirable stuff on them.

They eventually put up a net to catch most of the debris, but it seems the 4,000 IDF soldiers used to protect these some 600 illegal settlers has taken its toll on the Palestinians town of Hebron.

Of course, not a mention of this in mainstream US presses. This link is from the BBC.

Only Nutballs Defend Finkelstein !

Hopefully, people can detect sarcasm in the title !

A Palestinian Speaks Against Israeli Prejudices

Amen Amen Amen, Azmi sums up an essential problem with the conflict ; it is based on an irrational push to create a democratic society in which only jews may participate, but can such an underlying racist doctrine provide the foundation for a democracy.

Anti-Americanism : Some Root Causes

My 2nd contribution to Muckrakerreport :

Do not read if you want to cling to your illusions !

Duh !

Been saying it for years, but thank you Gideon for re-iterating a worthwhile point, and offering a dissenting Israeli perspective.

Resistance or Terror?

Forget for a moment that the Mossad helped create Hamas as a counterweight to the PLO, and forget that Condaleeza Rice has been so pro-Israel in all other matters, do one tiny thing out of line with the Zionist agenda, and they throw a temper tantrum !