At first I thought, “OK, Dems are backing off a little on their ‘let’s lose as soon as possible’ strategy, and the White House is finally acknowledging that if Baghdad isn’t held accountable for stepping up and taking control of their destiny, then we’ll never get anywhere.”

Great, right?

OH No…it seems that somehow health coverage for children, farm aid, a minimum wage increase (double AAARGGH) , and tax breaks for small businesses must be included with the bill.

It reminds me of when my grandmother was suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis (yeah, I know…bear with me). She’d take about 10 pills twice a day…one for pain, one for inflammation, one for something else, and the other 7 to counteract the vicious side-effects of the first three.

I understand the concept of give and take in the Senate. I probably would never make it as a Senator (OK for tons of reasons) because I would not be able to sign off on bills which included 80% BS. But the inability of the Senate to formulate good legislation (especially a military funding bill) without packing on lard…well it’s just sad.

Democrats to fund Iraq war with no pullout date


War…who chooses?

Should Bush get the all-you-can eat buffet bar he desires or should he be spoon-fed a 2 oz jar of Gerber? Or, put another way, just what exactly should the role of Congress be in regards to the declaration, execution and conclusion of wars?

I believe that Congress shouldn’t call the play-by-play (bomb this city, spare that one) but should actively declare war (and not delegate such authority by offering a blank “start a war if ya wanna” card to the President). Likewise, if Congress believes we are in a situation where American interests are better served by ending our involvement, I feel it’s their obligation to put that on the President’s desk.

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Israeli Security Trumps the Constitutional Mandate?

The title says it all. Bravo Scott Ritter !

War Czar

The White House says it wants to appoint a high-powered official to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and issue directions to the Pentagon and the State Department. This person would be called “the President of the United States”.

Honorable Mention, All Neighorhood

Curious who “Iraq’s neighbors” would include at this conference…

Iran, Syria, Jordan, Turkey?, Saudi Arabia?, Kuwait? All border Iraq directly.

Then you have Egypt, of course, Lebanon?, Bahrain is coming.

Trying to think who else in the region might have some things to say, seems like they’re even closer to Iraq than Egypt is.

OH YEAH! Israel…I’m sure they’ll be invited, won’t they?

Iraq powers plan Egypt conference

Money where the Murtha is

Tough week for the admin…

Uri Avnery, James Baker, and the Iraq Study Group

One of the best articles I’ve read in a long time. I really like Uri Avnery, and that a man can serve in the Israeli Knesset and now be a spokesperson for Palestinian rights and justice is a testament that peace could be achieved if only the zealots would get out of the way.