Lieberman on Striking Iran

For a democratic senator to remain in favor of the war in Iraq, while now advocating military strikes on Iran, I hope good Americans can see through this rhetoric of “protecting” the US and get to the real point ; he advocates on behalf of Israel, and I have opined many times that people who serve this government should not be loyal to another government or nation because there is a serious conflict of interests, which is not too hard to see in this case.


Iran: Crackdown on Women Again

From Doxdo

A very thorough account (or compilation of accounts) of the recent occurences of cracking down on “bad hijab” in Iran. A couple of highlights:

Iranian bloggers, of course, discussed the crackdown and displayed photos and videos of crying women. Some reminded their readers that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promised during his presidential campaign that there would be no crackdown on women’s dress. Nikahang, a leading cartoonist and blogger focuses on this broken promise in a cartoon in which Ahmadinejad is looking at his promises and says “it was not me”.


Thanks to Kamangir we learn even some conservative bloggers crticized government for repressing women. Kourosh [Fa] doesn’t know who mandated the veil in this general and widespread form. Neither in history nor in the life of the prophet do you hear anything about this. Even if the veil is mandatory, which it is not, it is not so all-encompassing. Furthermore, I don’t know how they infer that the veil is mandatory…They refer to the Quran and scholars. I have read the same books and I have not found any trace of the veil in either Quran or the life of the prophet.

Global Voices Online

Israeli Security Trumps the Constitutional Mandate?

The title says it all. Bravo Scott Ritter !

Reason #427 why a nuclear Iran is not cool

Now it looks like everyone wants nukes…and who can blame them?

Two years ago, the leaders of Saudi Arabia told international atomic regulators that they could foresee no need for the kingdom to develop nuclear power. Today, they are scrambling to hire atomic contractors, buy nuclear hardware and build support for a regional system of reactors.

So, too, Turkey is preparing for its first atomic plant. And Egypt has announced plans to build one on its Mediterranean coast. In all, roughly a dozen states in the region have recently turned to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna for help in starting their own nuclear programs. While interest in nuclear energy is rising globally, it is unusually strong in the Middle East.

“The rules have changed,” King Abdullah II of Jordan recently told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “Everybody’s going for nuclear programs.”

Other than the fact that they’re discussing it as if it’s a new recipe for baba ghanoush, it’s seems logical that if you are within 10,000 miles of a nuclear Iran, you probably want nukes.

International Herald Tribune

A test of the Walt and Mearsheimer hypothesis

If the sales go through, I’d like to see the response of the AIPAC. It’s not like we can depend on Israel to deter Iran. Of course, I’ve heard chatter of a (temporary, of course) alliance between the Israelis and the Saudis against the Iranians. I doubt that would fly either. I think having more allies in the middle east is a good thing, and if weapons sales to countries concerned about Iran makes more allies for the US, good for us.

Check this out boys and girls !

A terrific article written by a superb writer …


Well there it is …

In a previous blog, I commented on the failed attempts of the spineless democrats to at least make sure that President Bush gets congressional approval before any military actions on Iran begin.

This was big news last week, and I had a suspicion that one of the driving forces behind this provision being removed was …

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