MIT admissions scandal

The admissions dean at MIT claimed she had degrees from three different schools. The truth?

A spokesman for Rensselaer said that while Ms. Jones did not graduate from the institution, she was a part-time nonmatriculated student during the 1974-75 school year. The other colleges said they had no record of her.

Funny thing, this story. Maybe she was just doing a job no other administrative assistants would do. I mean, maybe there were no capable degree holders willing to do the work that she could. My point is that illegal immigrants with forged documents are simply undocumented, according to the Wall Street Journal and Chicano activists. They aren’t to be deported, according to the major presidential candidates (especially the Democrats). Maybe we should take this attitude towards all documentation…you know, medical licenses, bachelor degrees, drivers licenses. In this post-industrial navel-gazing economy, these are all arbitrary anyway, right?

I heard a rumor that with her distinguished background she’ll be better suited as a fact checker for Alan Dershowitz.