Time to end the Cuban embargo

“I challenge Mr. Bush to tear down this embargo,” said Mississippi cotton farmer John Newcomb, borrowing Ronald Reagan’s famous 1987 line to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at the Berlin Wall.

I am usually suspicious of the agriculture lobby but dropping the embargo makes a lot of sense. At this time, Fidel is pretty much rendered invalid, I doubt that ending the embargo would result in a more powerful, richer communist government. The influx of Cuban-American emigres would take care of that. Interestingly, the article points out that the US already exports more food to Cuba than any other. Cuba needs trade partners. If the US won’t let US businesses sell to Cuba, then China, Vietnam, and Venezuala will benefit from the Cuban market.


Baghdad, or Caracas?

There are acute shortages of milk, eggs and meat. Violent crime is taking more than 100 lives every week. The government is in chaos. Corruption is draining the country’s oil wealth.

If you guessed Caracas, you were right. The score in Venezuala: Totalitarianism 1, Freedom 0.

It’s always the AC duct

I’m sure the CIA has something to do with this…in fact, I would applaud it. Nevertheless, an interesting story, and I hope this guy makes it to a safe haven.

Eduardo Lapi – prominent opponent of President Hugo Chavez – had been in detention since May last year.

Police are investigating whether a cake laced with sedatives was smuggled into the prison to incapacitate guards.

Crawl to freedom

The fugitive made his break from San Felipe Judicial Detention Centre by climbing through an air conditioning duct, according to a report from Venezuelan TV station Globovision.

You think they’d design prisons with tiny AC ducts, right?

Who would Jesus "Take Out"?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Who would Jesus “Take Out”?
I know it is a slow news cycle, Israel finished pulling out of Gaza and everything, Cindy Sheehan pulled out of Crawford, and CNN et al. have to put something out there. I know the angle here. But hasn’t Pat Robertson lost his marbles? I never liked this guy. Maybe I lived too close to Baton Rouge and saw too much Jimmy Swaggart to give any televangelist much love. Pat Robertson and company don’t represent white Christians any more than Jesse Jackson represents black Christians. The Republican party needs to appreciate this or guys like Bill Richardson (D) will appeal to their voters pretty soon.

This morning I saw the full comment in full context in video. Now CNN has all this “analysis” instead (I hate when they do that). I’m sure the video is out there somewhere. Robertson basically want to send the CIA down to take out Chavez in Venezuala to “avoid a war”. What the hell? The only person talking about this is Chavez himself, to get the Venezualans on his side against America and ignore the fact that they are all still poor. Nobody is talking about this right now. Venezuala is still selling oil to us, and all Chavez’s talk has really been just talk. All of this plays into Chavez’s hands.

Where in the bible does it say to assassinate people you don’t like?
Off camera, it was rumoured that Pat Robertson mentioned that he slept with Chavez’s wife and that his (Pat’s) “Fo-fo makes sho yo (Chavez) kids don’t grow.” Pat also says he intends to make Chavez famous on the next WWE RAW.

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Posted by BP @ 08/24/2005 11:45 AM PDT

I’m with you on the televangelists…I don’t think they are good spokesmen for the “right-wingers”, because the true modern conservative is also a true classic liberal and believes in the establishment AND free exercise clauses of the first amendment.

Although…I would hesitate to throw Pat in with Jimmy, however, to defend Pat he is not SIMPLY a televangelist, but a news anchor for a news network (CBN) which is at least OPEN about its slant. And let me tell you it makes Fox News look quite “fair and balanced”–it’s enough to drive me crazy, so I’m sure it would make the math professors and film students of the world pull their hair out. However, Pat has as much right to give his wacko opinions as James Carville on CNN does.

But…that’s the problem…he’s posing as a journalist, when he clearly has an agenda (like Carville, Begala, etc.) But for the most part, I prefer the Billy Graham approach to politics: Make sure you’re buddy buddy with whoever is in power, stick to the preaching, and stay out of journalism.

Or more simply put…politics, sure…journalism, no.

Posted by Jordan @ 08/31/2005 01:00 AM PDT
“Hit ’em up” Pat.
“Die slo mothafucka.”
“Gonna let the West side ride tonight.”

Posted by J f Z @ 09/05/2005 03:38 PM PDT
[click name for entry] Wow! We both wrote about the same thing, with the same title, too! Heh. I stuck in a few links that might interest you.

Posted by Brandon Starr @ 09/05/2005 09:52 PM PDT
Chavez is still selling oil to the U.S.–for now. He’s in deep talks with China to supply them with oil in the future.