How they do it better

Butch’s post below, which I’ve linked, is pretty interesting. I can vouch for the naps in Taiwan. I’m trying to make that happen here in Columbus, but to no avail. One thing to remember, they work long hours in Taiwan. If you have a 35 hour work-week, what’s the need for a nap?

LogiPundit: How They Do It Better

I will take issue with…uh, Mom with her reasoning behind Costa Rica’s long life expectancy. A quick look at Nationmaster indicates that Costa Rica (pop. 4 million) and the United States (300 + million) have equivalent life expectancies. A quick look at some other stats reveals some interesting findings. Costa Rica has a 50% higher infant mortality rate than the U.S. and a maternal mortality rate (deaths at childbirth) that is 3 times that of the U.S. There is also a greater chance an toddler makes it to 5 years in the U.S., etc.

A fairer barometer may be to compare Costa Rica to other Central American countries, but since Costa Rica has historically been better off than it’s neighbors (hence the name), I don’t think universal health care is the cause of better life expectancy there, but rather universal health care is an effect of relatively well off and small society. I am more inclined to believe the underlying diet of Costa Ricans does play a role in their life expectancy. 30% of Americans are considered obese, whereas Costa Rica doesn’t even have the stat (no doubt it is much lower).

All that to say I don’t think Costa Rica health care systems is necessarily a cause of higher life expectancy, and thus Hillary care/Universal coverage is not the answer here in the US.