My trade dictates that I take a beginning-of-year hiatus…glad to be back.

Nothing groundbreaking here. I just wanted to point out that a Republican presidential candidate that many believe to be a “true conservative” was in favor of a most anti-conservative legislation, that being campaign finance reform. It’s a WashPost article, so log in will be required.


Fred Thompson… President?

Surely you’ve all heard that Fred Thompson is “considering” running for President. Perhaps since there isn’t a true-blue (true-red?) conservative in the bunch of current Republicans on the top of the list, and since Newt is clearing his conscious of his infidelities, Thompson sees an opportunity.

I can’t say I don’t like him. Frankness and clarity of thought rank pretty high on the list of attributes I look for in a candidate for anything, and Thompson is proving he can speak intelligently about his stances. That’s what makes people like Giuliani attractive, because they can express their thoughts (on everything except abortion, of course) without slipping into that strange “Senatese” that grates on my nerves.

And hey…he’s played a president before. Why not do the real thing?