Best Panel Discussion Ever on "The Lobby"

Our newly designated Author Emeritus has a good post and a great link to a debate, put on by the London Review of books, on the often talked about Walt and Mersheimer article titled: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

It’s a very interesting discussion, and intelligent enough to wish that the subject matter had been more broad. If approximately these same guys were to debate ACTUAL policy issues, I would tune in.

No Justice – No Peace


China and Taiwan crystallized

Uber-neocon Jay Nordlinger gets it right as he sums up the latest on the Pentagon announcement:

The Pentagon is certain — or says it’s certain — that China “lacks the power for a successful attack against rival Taiwan” (I have quoted this news story). Needless to say, I hope that’s right. But one can hardly have full confidence that it is, in fact, right.

By the way, isn’t “rival Taiwan” interesting? Taiwan is an itty-bitty island, and the PRC is a massive, sprawling police state. And yet, in a way, Taiwan is a rival — because it shows the Chinese a different way, a way extremely threatening to the Chinese Communist party and its exclusive rule.

Princess Nancy in Damascus

Yeah, can’t say I expected anything miraculous from HRH in the Middle East, but I must say I expected a little more professionalism and tact than this.

This whole fiasco comes on the heels of Nancy’s instructions to President Bush to “take a deep breath” and to respect Congress’ constitutional role, which apparently now includes establishing dipolomatic foreign policy.

Oldie but goodie

A memorable and interesting debate between WFB and the good professor from MIT. I’ll admit that WFB comes off as pompous whereas the professor looks calm, cool and collected, but looking at history since this debate…well judge for yourself.

Niceness Hegemony

The kind of thing I get in the inbox daily:

>Call for Applications for Young Global Leaders Summits
>Globally conscious young leaders at OSU wishing to make a difference in
>the world are invited to apply for one of Americans for Informed
>Democracy’s Young Global Leaders Summits, which are taking place across
>America in the summer of 2006! The summits will bring together young
>leaders from across the U.S. for workshops, speakers, and discussions on
>how young people can take positive action to ensure a principled and
>collaborative U.S. role in the world. Participants will hear from top
>experts and then be immersed in breakout sessions where the y will have
>the chance to weigh in with their own view o n the U.S. role in global
>issues. The summits are free for selected participants thanks to generous
>support from the Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers
>Fund, and Open Society Institute.
>To learn more about our summer conferences, click on the link below for
>more on the global summit that interests you:

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Reading list for Condi Rice

An article from Scientific American

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Posted by BP @ 06/05/2006 02:17 PM PDT
Interesting article…I’m assuming the link with Condoleeza Rice is with sanctions on Iran?

Interestingly enough I’ve worked on economic experiments like this and it’s amazing how much like rats we all are when we are exposed to a controlled environment and how easy it is to nail down human tendencies.

A similar phenomenon was evident with the first few seasons of the Pilgrims where all were welcome to share of the community crops. They nearly starved to death.

Without recourse…noone contributes didley squat.

Condolezza’s worse nightmare

To strum a cheap, coca leaf ingrained guitar. Seriously, though, Rice’s attempts at diplomacy in Chile challenges the hypothesis that America wishes to squelch out the “threats of good examples” in South America. It is good to see Rice engaging with Morales and the like rather than alienating him.

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