From the country that brought Chauvinism to the world

A woman candidate for president? Although NPR says so, she doesn’t look the part of a Merkel, much less a Thatcher. My opinion so far…unelected career bureaucrats don’t make good campaigns, and thus never get elected (alas, even Condaleeza Rice must face this). I just love what the male socialists have to say in this clip.

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Posted by BP @ 03/06/2006 04:21 PM PST
You all know of course that the US already has a woman President: Geena Davis. TV is WAY more important than the real world. So they just need to create a French version of “Commander in Chief” and VOILA!…all the stodgy old French Ministers will become comfortable with the idea.


Pass the smelling salts

Shocking News:

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton fainted Monday after complaining of a stomach virus before a scheduled speech on Social Security. Clinton, D-N.Y., received medical attention at the scene and then went on to give another speech Monday afternoon.

She must have listened to Larry Summers speech postulating on differences between men and women.

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