Gaffe’s and Hillary

We’ve all seen the stories by now with Biden and Hill. Biden made the egregious error of saying what’s on everyone’s mind. Biden has never had a serious shot at Prez and this proves it. Hillary, on the other hand, in my opinion, made one of the weirdest statements.

“What in my background, gives me the experience of dealing with evil and bad men?”

Think about this for a second, and follow it to it’s logical conclusion. The evil and bad men she is referring to are terrorists, Al Qaeda types. Some might say Ahmadinejad fits in here. So, what is Hillary going to do with Ahmadinejad? Marry him, let Ahmadinejad run around town with interns, and run for president of Iran? That sounds like a win-win for America.

What is it about riding the coattails of your husband, and allowing him to run around town throughout your entire marriage with no consequences, that qualifies one for presidency?


No Holocaust–Yet

I’m sorry; I just don’t get this…

It is good to know that David Duke is representing the United States at this conference to “debate” whether the Holocaust ever happened. What I really don’t understand is the overall purpose of this. It seems that Iran is not really picking its fights well. If I can get my head way up where the sun doesn’t shine, I can somehow makeout a logical view that if the Holocaust didn’t happen, then maybe they argue Zionism exists under false pretenses.

But is that the smartest way to go? I think a much stronger argument might be that even WITH the Holocaust in mind, the creation of Israel might not have been a fantastic idea.

As it is, Israel does exist, though, and there is little possibility that all the Israeli’s are just going to get up and leave, so when Ahmadinejad talks about wiping out Zionism (i.e. the State of Israel), he is in essense talking about a Holocaust, a genocide of sorts. So what then? We start another Jewish State maybe somewhere in Africa, then wait about 60 years or so, have a big conference, deny THIS Holocaust ever happened, so we can rationalize wiping them out again.

This is simply asinine, and accomplishes nothing. Israel exists, and it will exist unless there is another Holocaust. Why deny the first one to excuse a second one?

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Theo van Gogh

Some interesting notes from the Netherlands, this is Theo van Gogh:

“The dead poor sheep farmers on Sicily at the turn of the century argued that America must be heaven on earth as emigrated family members relayed messages of having meat for dinner everyday. That was a mouthwatering experience for people who could enjoy that privilege maybe once in a lifetime. You can argue that particular instinct to be ‘ordinary’ or ‘superficial’ like so many do here, but it is way beyond me to look down on it. America is hated because it embodies the hope of people that yearn for a better life, to have meat everyday, but also to believe in the God they choose, or not. To say what you want without being persecuted. To be a woman without a veil, with the right to vote, free expression and adultery, without being stoned.”


“The police in Amsterdam has no interest to help out the original inhabitants of this city that are threatened by an increasingly aggressive minority. And least of all Cohen. When Mr. Jahjas’s soul mates killed nearly three-thousand Americans in the World Trade Center the first point of action for our mayor was a visit to the mosque. At schools, mosques, everywhere in Amsterdam there were parties celebrating this great victory on Satan. Cohen kowtowed for the believers and stated: “you’re all part of us!”, rather than asking the question “what the hell are you doing here?”. Cohen is acting like a wartime mayor, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.” (Van Gogh refers to the many Dutch mayors that collaborated with Nazi occupiers during WWII – Ed.). “


“Suzan – to whom I would love to devote some passionate words as being one of my great lovers – called me from Sydney, Australia, drunk, to tell me that Bush was the greatest threat to world peace. You shared a bed with someone like that, you had an enormous amount of fun with her, a year ago you shared an elephant in Thailand, and now you have to endure the complete nonsense she dispenses and you tell yourself that really, Western civilization is built on the right to disagree with one another. It is a paradox though that a fifth column of peace birds, in which all the Suzans of this world march along compliantly, provide the exact proof that the values that are defended by Bush and Blair are of a higher standard than those of Saddam. How decadent do you have to be as a free person in the West to happily applaud at your own grave by protesting against America and not against the butchers in Baghdad?”

Theo van Gogh, of course, was killed in Amsterdam for making movies critical of the way Islamic folk treat women. This a year or so after Pim Fortuyn was murdered, supposedly by an animal rights activist. Currently 6% of the Netherlands’ population consist of Islamic immigrants.

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