Tyranny roundup

“South Africa acts for the first time to expropriate a white-owned farm under a redistribution plan.”

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Posted by BP @ 10/16/2005 01:06 PM PDT
Darfur: “The AU mission is trying to monitor the many violations of a truce in Sudan’s western region.”

I’m sorry, but that’s so sad it’s funny.

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The parliamentary govenment has always been a little confusing to me…and this is a good illustration of it. Basically, what’s-her-name won…but not by a lot, so she (and her party) have to give up a bunch of key positions to the opposing party.

It just seems a little shady to me…but I’m sure our legislature with it’s lobbyists and campaign finance fiascos coupled with an overactive judiciary is equally as confusing.


Vive la France part deux!

As much as Black Jacques Chirac can be a jackhole, I’ve got give him cred for at least letting his people vote on this EU thing. From what I understand, he could have sent it to parliament for an easy win. That’s what most of the EU countries do. My take is this: as long as the Franco-Prussian alliance was running the EU, the French were happy. Now the unwashed masses in Lithuania and Estonia etc. are jumping in, the French want to take their ball and go home. Well, duh! Would Americans want the Guatemalans and Hondurans etc. to dictate trade and immigration policy in the U.S.? It’s good to see the people of a country stand up and say “non” to an overbearing nanny-state government.

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