"As a" in the beginning of a sentence

Sorry we are picking on you so much, Mervin, if you are still out there. I’m sure if we all had a cup of coffee we’d enjoy hanging out together. Your comment about Justice Thomas is what prompted me to read his dissent on Kelo, something I’d been meaning to do for a while. That post was for you. Anyway, you might not read this but I’ve got a question with regards to your statement, “I as a BLACK MAN have the right to criticize Jesse Jackson etc.” Does that mean that only black men have the right to criticize other blacks? I think that, as an AMERICAN, you have the right to criticize whomever you please. I don’t think that, as a WHITE MAN, I have any more right to criticize Bill Clinton or George W Bush than you do.

Posted at 04:40 pm by Johnny B