Corporate America blew up the twin towers?

Wow, what a whirlwind of activity! Good job Jordan!

In response to Scotty regarding the U.S. economy. What about the 90’s? Clinton most certainly reduced defense spending. What’s more, Rumsfeld was all set to reduce defense spending even more. On september 11, 2001, the NY times ran an articles saying that Rumsfeld was in trouble with the Joint Chiefs because he wanted to cut out the dead wood.

Anyway, back to the 90’s. The cold war was over, the government reduced defense spending significantly, and the economy did not falter. Last I checked, U.S. was able to stop running a deficit, the dollar was strong, unemployment went down to three percent. The U.S. economy basically whipped ass once the cold war was over. There was a two year recession with like a 6% unemployment rate. Our economy in a recession provides more jobs and opportunities than any western european country excluding Norway, because Norway has some serious oil production. So, Scotty, while I did see in the movie “JFK” that Kennedy was killed to fuel the militarized industrial complex, all kinds of evidence from the 90’s prove that when people don’t have to spend money on the MIC, they have a lot more money to invest in venture capitalism and internet porn.

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