Delayed Reaction to Scottie

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Delayed Reaction to Scottie
Scottie’s voluminous posts certainly require thought to address…hard to know where to begin. Let me start by saying that it pays to be a client state of the United States. Of the horrible evil the U.S. has unleashed upon the rest of the world in the last 60 years, let’s examine a few of those countries the U.S. managed to turn into client states, as opposed to those countries that attempted wholesale collectivism or communism as part of a revolution against neo-imperialism.

First the client states:
Chile South Korea Japan Great Britain Ireland Thailand Greece Saudi Arabia Phillipines Australia

Countries that were client states but now are trying to determine their own hegemony (economic, at least)
Germany (Western at the time)

France Italy Spain

Let’s look at some of those non-client countries…

Russia China Vietnam Cuba Cambodia North Korea

and formerly non-client countries

Poland Bulgaria Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia Romania

Just a short list, but simply to make a point. One can look at U.S. intervention in, say, Greece. Papandreau is elected, and he’s not a communist, but he’s not “our guy” to use Clinton’s words. Military coup ensues and right wingers rule. In a vacuum, America’s part in overturning a democratic Greece is shameful. But in the long run the people of Greece are better off than those in Bulgaria. Whether Greece would have fell under the iron curtain had we not intervened, well, they didn’t know at the time. If the ONLY reason America allowed South Korea, or France to be kept from incorporation into the USSR was so we could have a market to buy and sell stuff (and a populace to “enslave”), so be it. The freedom you enjoyed in France, Scottie, would not have been available had not the U.S. meddled in international affairs.

That all being said, with the cold war with Russia at a reasonable ebb, it is good to learn lessons from the past, and as such discussing which policies would work instead of those laid down by history and our government, is not “bullshit”.

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Scottie, you there? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

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HE LIVES! Hello Jordan. We don’t hear from you in for a month and your comment is exactly one word.