I have two problems with Chomsky, who often cites America as the absolute biggest blight on the face of the earth, ever. The biggest problem I have with Chomsky is that, when the litany of American foreign policy travesties ensues he fails to address the red bear in the room. Was the CIA doing all this in a vacuum? Was there another hegemon out there, perhaps two, threatening the foundation of freedom and democracy in a much more widescale manner than overthrowing Arbenz and Allende?

The bad guy is always some American corporation. With regards to Indonesia and Vietnam, the Chinese Communists had no role in this whatsoever? Was the massacre at Indonesia any worse than the massacre at Cambodia? According to, the khmer rouge knocked out 1.5 million. While not as devastating as the famines in the Ukraine and China, it’s still some pretty high numbers, y’all. Chomsky was an apologist for the Khmer Rouge early on, claiming the genocide was all western propaganda. Another tactic he uses is to claim any news not good for his side is part of the propaganda machine. Chomsky is now willing to say Communism is bad (I’m referring mostly to his book post 9-11). Heck, it’s easy to say that now isn’t it?

With regards to Quaddafi, who is going to defend this guy? Was it the Zionists that blew up the Pan-Am flight 107 in Lockerbie? Do I need defend Reagan’s actions against Quaddafi? My question is: what would Chomsky do? Chomsky and fellow travelers pore through the history, look at the bad events, and find a way to blame America for them. It’s easy to be armchair president when your butt isn’t on the line. When there is little evidence about US involvement, the CIA must be involved.

Is the CIA this good? Would that they were! Maybe they could’ve figured out when we were getting attacked by terrorists. Apparently it takes like 5 CIA agents per country to completely overthrow hugely popular, idealistic, perfectly democratic governments. Are there no other factors involved in these coups? I’m skeptical of that.

As nasty as it sounds to some, I shudder to think of what life would be like around the world had the U.S. stood by in an isolationist stance while the Soviets and Chi-Coms continually flipped countries to communism. Sheesh, Scottie, you know the average income in North Korea and Vietnam? The average worker makes $1000 a year in North Korea, whereas in South Korea they make $17,000 (I’m citing, which uses U.N. numbers). The results are there for anyone to see, and they are pretty tangible. When the iron curtain fell, people didn’t migrate eastward for a job.

Sure it sucks for Chile their democracy got hijacked for twenty years. 3000 or so people died in the revolution. That’s very sad. I’m skeptical about the level of American involvement in that coup. But on one hand, the free market policies enacted by the Chilean dictatorship resulted in the eventual replacement of democracy in that region (also thanks to the Catholic Church [Maria from Chile, personal interview]), and now the Chileans have the best standard of living in South America. In contrast, no democracy is coming in Cuba until Castro dies, and life still sucks there 40 years later.

Posted at 11:28 pm by Johnny B

Posted by Scottie @ 12/08/2004 08:44 AM PST
johnny b

i will be tied down with grading finals for at least a few days, but i read your response, and will respond either after grading, or when i take a break at some point


Posted by BP @ 12/08/2004 09:32 AM PST
Thank you Johnny B. I’m anxiously awaiting the response from our friend Scottie. I’ll tell you what, though…I’ll take this back even further:

What about Stalin? We sided with him, when we needed to rid Europe of another despot. Was that the wrong thing to do? Or are we going to become Hitler apologists because he was just struggling against the evil Zionists.

Johnny makes a great point about the view that historians have now. There’s a chance we expect too much:

Not only are our nation’s leaders (FDR, Truman, Reagan, Bush) supposed to have perfect real-time information of the past and present, they are also supposed to predict the future. Stalin we knew about, but we didn’t have a choice, but Hussein? Are we supposed to just turn on them like Carter turned on the Shah, or be loyal to them because we “supported” them 25 years ago? Which way do we go?

OH…that’s right we should stay out of it…let the Hitlers and Stalins do what they can to take over the world…and hopefully if we just stay still and quiet enough maybe they will leave us alone. And as long as noone is getting rich on oil and defense contracts, everyone will be happy.

Looking forward to it.

Posted by BP @ 12/08/2004 09:43 AM PST
OH, and Johnnie…great job on the references buddy.

Posted by Johnny B @ 12/08/2004 02:44 PM PST

No problem bro,

I need to get back into my lab work again, as well. So I’m going to be quiet as well for a while.