Religion News: Catholicism Reigns, Evangelicals are talking to Muslims

Two stories out of the Washington Times caught my eye yesterday:

The first was Pope Benedict XVI reminding the world that Catholicism is IT in the world of Christianity. That whole Protestant Reformation thing was irrelevant to Christianity, and the Real Church is all that matters. `

The statement brought swift criticism from Protestant leaders. “It makes us question whether we are indeed praying together for Christian unity,” said the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, a fellowship of 75 million Protestants in more than 100 countries.

Yeah, it does sort of go against the whole “Unity of Christendom” theme resulting from the Second Vatican Council back in the 60’s. I wonder if the Communion bulletins you get at mass will change:

“Non-Catholic Christians: You’re not welcome here; Protestantism is a Bastard Religion, and you should go back to worshiping sticks or whatever you people do.”

The second story comes from none other than Benny Hinn, who orchestrated a meeting between Evangelical Christian and Muslim leaders in Egypt. Billed as an “historic” meeting, it was still the first of its kind, which means there was a little talking past each other:

The meeting…focused on two issues, though the two groups had differing priorities. Whereas the Americans wanted to discuss the lack of religious freedom in Muslim countries, the ambassadors wanted to know whether Christians could become more “balanced” in their support of Israel.

The Christian attendees were almost all famous evangelists (or their sons: Falwell, Robertson, Crouch), or executives from the NAE (National Association of Evangelicals), but the article wasn’t able to produce names from the Muslim side of the table, just countries they represented: Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt…plus the Arab League.

SO, to sum up: While the Pope was doing his dead-level best to insult people within his own faith of Christianity, the Right-Wing-Christian-Fundamentalist-Idealogues were starting a dialogue with Islamic leaders.

Go figure.

Update: By the way, today is Orangemen’s day. So if you’re part of the British Commonwealth and Protestant, I believe you’re supposed to run around and antagonize Catholics. And even though I’m not in the Commonwealth, I feel obliged to antagonize my Catholic wife all evening in honor of the holiday.

The Washington Times (Pope) & The Washington Times (Evangelicals)


Chinese property rights: Might makes right

An old and prevalent story about human rights in China

The Southern Cathedral, which was established in 1716, owned the land and ran a Catholic primary school there before the Communists took power in 1949. The building was confiscated by the Communist Party in 1952, when it was turned into a state school.

In the 1980s, the Chinese government began to return confiscated church property to its rightful owners, but many convents, schools and hospitals were not returned. The state-run school moved several years ago, and recently city authorities sold the land to a developer. At the time of the attack, the diocese and the local government were arguing the case in a Xi’an court.

On Nov. 22, the nuns had stopped workers from demolishing the school. However, the next night a work crew arrived after dark and began to tear down the building. A group of nuns ran out to stop the workers, but were attacked by about 40 thugs, carrying wooden batons with white towels wrapped around their wrists.

Happy New Year


Hope Y’all enjoyed the break. I got to see the folks, and plan on putting some pictures and video up somewhere for everyone to see. Three months after Hurricane Rita things are far from normal. It’s rough, and some folks have it a lot harder than others. I was able to participate in the first Mass since the storm, on Christmas day. We had to bring our own chairs, but everyone made do.

You can’t vote for my Pope

I got so pissed off when a professed atheist was talking smack about the new pope. “Oh I wish he was from Brazil”. I don’t tell him who should be the atheist pope. It’s not like I tell Logipundit who should be his preacher. “Hey Logipundit, you should have a black preacher”. This guy said he wished the pope was black. Does he know most Catholics aren’t even black? The U.N. doesn’t appoint the Pope, he is elected by the conclave of cardinals.

Anyway, fakers and cheaters suck in general, and I have little tolerance for any of them.

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