Conservative History

I picked up the autobiography of Calvin Coolidge from the library and I’m stoked and definitely putting it on the favorites list. Recommended for EVERYONE:

Here’s a taste:

(While Governor of Massachussetts)
“It appeared to me in January, 1914, that a spirit of radicalism prevailed which unless checked was likely to prove very destructive. It had been encouraged by the opposition and by a large faction of my own party.
It consisted of the claim in general that in some way the government was to be blamed because everybody was not prosperous, because it was necessary to work for a living, and because our written constitutions, the legislatures, and the courts protected the rights of private owners especially in relation to large aggregations of property”

As Vice President:

[There wasn’t a house furnished for the VP back then, so he had to find his own house. He gets a small two bedroom and justifies it thus]:

“It is difficult to conceive a person finding himself in a situation which calls on him to maintain a position he cannot pay for. Any other course for me would have been cut short by the barnyard philosophy of my father, who would have contemptuously referred to such action as the senseless imitation of a fowl which was attempting to light higher than it could roost. There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important, as living within your means.”

I gave this to Yun-ju and five minutes later she says, “Wow this is a good book!” Fewer times have I nodded in agreement while reading. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”