Brunettes rule!

Hey guys

Asian hottie Zhang Ziyi ( is starring in a new film in which she prances around in her pajamas doing rythmic exercises with swords. “House of Flying Daggers”. Also, Audrey Tatou (from Amelie,%20Audrey) prances around looking hot in a WWI love story, “A Very Long Engagement”. I think the ultimate movie for 2005 would be a wire-fu movie where Zhang Ziyi and Audrey Tatou fight to the death, or at least a very serious submission (with tears), using only pillows. Or perhaps they can have a tickle fight. Anyway, there’s no reason this movie will not clear 100 million. Rothell, are you writing this down? I want my cut!


Posted at 11:35 am by Johnny B

Posted by BP @ 12/12/2004 10:41 PM PST
I’m in for 20,000.

Posted by BP @ 12/12/2004 10:42 PM PST
50,000 if the pillowfight in the buff