Evidence for the inflammation hypothesis of Alzheimer’s

The inflammation hypothesis of Alzheimer’s, which suggests that inflammation in the brain triggers a cascade of cellular events that over time results in deposits and atrophy, and subsequent cognitive deficits, is still relatively controversial.

A Harvard researcher found a correlation between inflammation and future prevalence of Alzheimer’s.

The participants’ blood was tested for levels of cytokines, which are protein messengers that trigger inflammation. Those with the highest amount of cytokines in their blood were more than twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease as those with the lowest amount of cytokines.


Doogie mice version 2.0

“It’s pretty rare when you can make an animal smarter,” said Dr. James Bibb, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, who led the study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

I’ll say. These guys deleted a certain gene, Cdk5, which apparently controls the destruction of the NMDA receptor. The NMDA receptor is important for learning new associations and retaining them as memories. Seems pretty legit.

Alzheimer’s, inflammation, and marijuana

Dr. Gary Wenk on NPR talking about inflammation and Alzheimer’s. One thing to note: the doses used in these studies are well below that required for psychoactive effects. But I guess I should tell it to the FDA.

On a related note, curry is also good for reducing inflammation. The JohnnyB diet of all curry all the time works!

Curry and anti-inflammation

Isoflurane and Alzheimer’s

I use isoflurane for small animal surgery so this story hits home. We have a pretty good ventilation and recovery system, these days. Don’t let your grandma go under on this stuff!

Update: It’s on the Nature newspage now

Portrait of Alzheimers

Interest set of self-portraits painted by an artist as he progresses deeper into dementia.

See the rest on the link above.

A nice Alzheimer’s site

A great site to explain the brain and what we know about Alzheimer’s Dementia, for the novice.

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