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Every year, as part of my Christmas trip, I collect Louisiana coffee to bring back up to Ohio. The Cafe especial community coffee was good, but last year it started seeming too bitter to me. I switched to Mellow Joy and have been happy with that ever since. Lately I asked the Coach about the East Texas/West Louisiana coffee with the boat on it. Seaport. Strong stuff. I heard how people double brew it. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about all those cool regional sodas and products. Today I looked up Ale-8-one, which you either know or you don’t. (Wikipedia). I just kept thinking about how cool and refreshing that stuff really is, and how little Coke or Pepsi people drank in central Kentucky.

See, Coca-Cola has a contract with Ohio State University that makes it the sole proprietor of soda. No 7-Up, no Mountain Dew. Considering OSU has the population of 40,000, and is one of the largest universities in the country, it is quite a feat to get a hold of Pepsi, much less the ever elusive Cherry Sundrop. I remember like it was yesterday jumping a culvert evading campus parking police to smuggle Dr Pepper into campus.

What amazes me, is that in central Kentucky Ale-8-1 had a lock on the soda market, without any top-down strong arming of vendors. The first time I tried it I didn’t like it, but, hey, after a week or so I was hooked. The trick is drinking it ice cold in the Green Bottle (thick glass that you pay a deposit for). I don’t remember anyone drinking Ale-8-1 out of a can, and for some reason clear bottles just didn’t cut it for me. Anyway, if anyone has any cool regional sodas, coffee, desserts, whatever, post them in the comments page.

Posted at 08:41 pm by Johnny B

Posted by BP @ 01/11/2006 11:52 AM PST
Anyone ever had an actual can of “Whoop Ass”? I believe that was in West Virginia.

And don’t forget Cheerwine in North Carolina.