Best Panel Discussion Ever on "The Lobby"

Our newly designated Author Emeritus has a good post and a great link to a debate, put on by the London Review of books, on the often talked about Walt and Mersheimer article titled: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

It’s a very interesting discussion, and intelligent enough to wish that the subject matter had been more broad. If approximately these same guys were to debate ACTUAL policy issues, I would tune in.

No Justice – No Peace


Israeli Security Trumps the Constitutional Mandate?

The title says it all. Bravo Scott Ritter !

Check this out boys and girls !

A terrific article written by a superb writer …


Well there it is …

In a previous blog, I commented on the failed attempts of the spineless democrats to at least make sure that President Bush gets congressional approval before any military actions on Iran begin.

This was big news last week, and I had a suspicion that one of the driving forces behind this provision being removed was …

read the link above !

Sellout !

Quite the sellout.

Am I the only one outraged by US politicans puckering up to AIPAC???????????
Larry Franklin, Steve Rosen, Keith Weissman, all guilty of passing or accepting classified info from the Pentagon, and this group has every US politician (save a few with integrity) genuflect to it in the course of every election.

For once, I’d like to see a presidential hopeful stand up in front of a camera and say “this group has hijacked US foreign policy, intimidates our Congress, has put Israeli interests before US interests, and by God, if I am elected President, I will boot them out of the US forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”