Bush Celebrates Early Victories in Campaign Against Malaria

Here you go…an example of how right-wing, capitalists can have a measured impact on fighting a serious disease in Africa.

For example, on one of the spice islands of Zanzibar, where the United States helped distribute mosquito nets to cover every slumbering pregnant woman and child younger than 5 years old, the number of malaria cases has plummeted almost 90 percent since last year.

“So we’re acting and we’re leading,” Mr. Bush said. “And with partners across the world we are helping the people of Africa turn the tide against malaria.”

Noone is more of a fan than me of having confirmed and measured success 18 months into a 5 year program. And this goes to show you that the most creative way to use the Federal Government is not only using our tax dollars, but calling on others to use their resources to tackle the problem:

The big money, however, has come from big donors. The Global Fund has so far committed $2.6 billion to malaria. The Gates Foundation has promised to spend $766 million. The World Bank has approved $357 million in loans.

Bush Celebrates Early Victories in Campaign Against Malaria – New York Times


The great oil shakedown

The great oil shakedown continues in places like Nigeria, where they use older and more direct techniques. I don’t think Blanco is aware of violence as an option…has anyone told American senators about this?

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Tyranny roundup

“South Africa acts for the first time to expropriate a white-owned farm under a redistribution plan.”

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Darfur: “The AU mission is trying to monitor the many violations of a truce in Sudan’s western region.”

I’m sorry, but that’s so sad it’s funny.

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The parliamentary govenment has always been a little confusing to me…and this is a good illustration of it. Basically, what’s-her-name won…but not by a lot, so she (and her party) have to give up a bunch of key positions to the opposing party.

It just seems a little shady to me…but I’m sure our legislature with it’s lobbyists and campaign finance fiascos coupled with an overactive judiciary is equally as confusing.