Ozzy and Taiwan

Can’t think of a better spokesman and representative than Ozzy Osbourne for the cause of Taiwan membership in the U.N. As much as I’m not a fan of the U.N. and sometimes wish the U.S. would just say “Go to hell” and kick them all out of NYC, I can certainly understand the symbolism of belonging to the U.N. and the effect that would have on China’s precarious control of the country.

Wasn’t aware that Taiwan was ever a member of the U.N., but apparently they were and were kicked out in 1971 due to (big shock) Chinese pressure.

The Scotsman

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2 Responses to “Ozzy and Taiwan”

  1. JohnnyB Says:

    Ozzy is a fool, but his wife is a major player in the recording industry in the UK and the US. Sounds a little weird, and hard to know the details here, but it could be a smart move.

  2. Rothell Says:

    Putting Ozzy in the headline can be nothing more than a journalistic gimmick. Ozzy’s wife is a band manager and promotor, and it is likely that their interest in setting this band’s gigs up across the states has nothing to do with Taiwan’s desparation regarding U.N. admission. The Osbourne’s are doing what they typically do–music biz.

    I googled “Ozzy” and “Taiwan” together to find over a dozen websites with articles containing virtually the same information. “Ozzy supports Taiwan” and this kind of nonsense, all repeating the same thing. These journalists must have been parrots in their past lives. What’s funny too is how many of them mention in their articles Ozzy as a “Satanic-themed rocker known for biting heads off bats,” is just fodder for tabloids. (The story goes that Ozzy–during his drug-hazed alcoholic days in the 80’s–had a schtick of biting heads off of rubber bats on stage and once someone slipped him a real bat instead of a rubber one. The rest is history.

    It’ll be funny to see if/when the conservative politico-tabloids use this misconstrued story to associate Satanism with the U.N. to further discredit it. Can’t you see in just a few months in a bookstore window: “Dark Secrets Behind the U.N.: Satan’s Political Device!” by John Bolton.

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