Michael Moore whines about iPhone launch

Hat tip to “Let Freedom Reign

Michael Moore is whining about the debut of the Iphone as a shameless capitalist distraction from his precious little documentary. Talk about someone who reads his own press clippings:

“Apple and AT&T obviously don’t care about fixing America’s healthcare system. They only care about how many iPhones they’re going to sell.”

Um…yeah, that’s right. That’s typically what phone companies are worried about. Shame on them. And Michael Moore is not at all concerned about how many of his movie tickets are sold…right?



5 Responses to “Michael Moore whines about iPhone launch”

  1. Rip Says:

    The interesting (but not surprising) thing here is that Moore is so big-headed as to think that his documentary will “fix” healthcare. He should be criticizing Bush for not making the film’s opening a Federal holiday. Maybe we can replace July 4th, since people are just wasting their money on fireworks and beer anyways…Moore is CRAZY.

  2. Rothell Says:

    Working on a movie is not unlike going off to sell books in that the hours are long –minimum 12 per day–and you work six days per week. After a two-week stint on a film shoot, during which time one has little connection with the outside world, I was not able to watch the developing fervor among Republicans, the growing rage and hatred for Michael Moore before his movie was released. It is utterly predictable that conservatives launch an all-out assault on any entity who dares to criticize a) what is “American” and b) more specifically, what the conservatives think is “American.” Moore has a face to go with the name, so he’s become every right-wing fanatic’s favorite dartboard target.

    So, having just walked out of the theater from “Sicko,” one of my first thoughts was, ‘I bet Butch has already ranted against Moore before the film was even released.’ Seems I was right.

    I find it stupifying to read comments like Moore is making these films for profit. This is a point people use to criticize Moore, and, though Moore hasn’t killed or harmed anyone with his films, healthcare providers strive to make profits by minimizing healthcare treatment and their measures have resulted in the loss of lives too many to count!

    Excellent points made in the film: if our police are government-funded, why then not our hospitals? Both exist to protect us. Should we privatize law enforcement? I can hear it now:
    “There’s a gang member in my house raping my daughter! Please send somebody right away!”

    “It’s going to cost you $18,000. Do you authorize us to charge your bank account? Please give my your bank account number and check routing number.”

    “I don’t have $18,000!”


    Back to the main point of premature and ignorant criticism. Whether or not you think Moore is “big-headed” or CRAZY, you people should refrain from cheap name-calling tactics and, if you have any serious disagreements, try to address the points in his films.

    It is sometimes baffling to see how many people bond over a mutually hated enemy. This is the worst sort of bond. If you’ve ever been in an environment where there was one antagonistic prick that everybody hated, you probably felt a weird sort of unity among your colleagues that grew out of having a common enemy. People in power understand the psychology of this phenomenon and use it to their benefit. It’s easy to manipulate others this way, by picking out a scapegoat to become a common enemy and drumming up anti-sentiment and hatred. After all, this is how all wars are started. When there are problems in a society and somebody speaks out against them, that person will be attacked roundly by people in power. Fred Thompson, on YouTube, noted a Cuban documentary filmmaker imprisoned by the Cuban government as an example of this. Yet what is he doing? Something not unlike what the Cuban government authorities did, threatening the voice of dissent. Not surprisingly the little people among the masses who listen to and obey him/the people in power, spit the same venom and decry Moore (or any critic) as anti-American.

    One of the biggest challenges for anybody who wants to make a change is to first be understood, to make your points understood. Rightwing ring-leaders have such a hold on conservative voters (which, do remember, is not a majority) that regular Joes and Janes out there who can only benefit by expanding their knowledge on certain issues are convinced by their leaders that people like Moore and “the liberal media” are not to be seen or listened to because they are unpatriotic or “crazy.”

    (I haven’t been on this site in a long time, so sorry if you have already seen and discussed.)

  3. JohnnyB Says:

    Read this premature crticism of the movie LogiPundit: Sicko: endorsement and counter You’ll note that no one called Moore unpatriotic on this site, and the criticism on this post was directed on Moore’s attention grabbing antics rather than the movie itself.

  4. wdporter Says:

    I myself didn’t even mention the movie or its implications. I’ll save that till when I see it.

    What I did “rant” about is Michael Moore’s downright obsession with the thought that HIS movie is the most important thing happening in the world and that ANYTHING ELSE is just a distraction.

    You agree with him that Apple and AT&T are not concerned with healthcare because they released the IPhone on the same weekend as Moore’s movie?

    Please tell me how that doesn’t deserve to be made fun of?…

  5. Rip Says:

    I apologize for calling Moore big-headed and CRAZY.

    My point, as earlier noted by Butch, is that Moore is out of line to think that completely unrelated entities should plan their initiatives around his release schedule.

    To call the posts on this site a part of a “growing rage and hatred” is quite the imaginative leap.

    Regarding your distasteful analogy about someone’s daughter being raped – the last time I checked, there was a federal law that prevented patients from being turned away from the ER.

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