View on Immigration from the Western Growers Association

While searching for the video that Johnny posted on about a week or so ago titled, “Hot Topics on Immigration Law,” which has apparently been removed, I ran across this:


2 Responses to “View on Immigration from the Western Growers Association”

  1. Rip Says:

    Mr. Nassir is correct in that foreign workers are harvesting our crops. And he is also correct that higher wages will mean that some farms will shut down as a result of fierce competition from Mexico/China. That’s food for thought for anyone that prefers US-grown fruits and vegetables.

  2. Rip Says:

    The reality is that the “perks” of coming to the US, in the form of state-provided welfare assistance, make coming here a substantially better proposition for the illegals. Take away all forms of welfare and those flowing across the borders decreases and some farms will shut down.

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