Bill Clinton’s commencement speech

Ohio State tried to get Jon Stewart, then Barack Obama, to give a commencement speech this year. Like Reagan Gahagan told me, if you’re trying hard enough to get a message out, eventually you’ll find someone to be your spokesman.

Archie Griffin, two time Heisman trophy winning halfback and head of Ohio State University alumni association, gave a speech as well.

I didn’t get to video some of his groaners. He stated that if we just invested in more alternative fuels Ohio could get more manufacturing jobs. How’d he get that rabbit out of the hat? On the whole, not a bad performance, however. Anyway, sorry for the refresh rate mix-up. It was the best I could do.


2 Responses to “Bill Clinton’s commencement speech”

  1. wdporter Says:

    Love the comments on population growth. those same studies are also pretty adamant about the population of the world STABILIZING at about 9 million.

    Interesting how the world’s population has QUADRUPLED over the last 100 years, yet standard of living, and production per capita has also quadrupled. A 50 percent increase over the next century will most definitely be manageable.

    But he’s right, many want to come here, still the “land of opportunity.”

  2. JohnnyB Says:

    He’s 10 x more articulate (is it ok to say that) than the current president (for whom I voted twice), sadly.

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