The Good Old Days

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? Yes, this byline is inspired by Paris Hilton, but with a twist. Polls showing that strong majorities believe the country is on the wrong track can’t be attributed to just Iraq, bickering on Capitol Hill, and frustration with the immigration system. There also seems to be loss in faith in American institutions — whether it’s the executive branch (which wasn’t able to manage the aftermath of a war and a hurricane), the Congress (whose members are being indicted and thrown into jail), business (in which CEOs are bilking their companies and shareholders), sports (where athletes are doping), the legal system (which allows rich heiresses to leave jail early), religious institutions (whose leaders have gotten caught up in sex scandals) and, of course, the press. None of this is new, but can that faith be restored? Is there a presidential candidate who can do it or at least simply address this? That’s been the surprise of the campaign so far, the lack of any candidate attempting to address larger crisis in leadership.


4 Responses to “The Good Old Days”

  1. JohnnyB Says:


    So true. Many big issues and questions have not been asked yet. It is still way early and for the most part I don’t think this fits the responsibilities of the executive branch. Nonetheless some vision of leadership is expected of them. In all honesty we really shouldn’t pay attention until about November, but junkies like me need to get my fix, so…

    Don’t give Paris such a hard time. I think heiresses should get a pass on things like repeated reckless driving, because they are willing to do things that most American’s aren’t, like make sex videos. Maybe she should pay a fine and just be allowed to get back to work. But next time…watch out, because then she’ll really be in trouble.

  2. Cajun Tiger Says:

    All good points on different levels however I will continue to take issue with the hurricane response. How many major hurricanes did we have that year and the year prior? The number is around 10 if I remember correctly. How come the one that was in LA was the only one the federal govt apparently couldn’t handle yet handled all the rest? Might it have more to do with the state as opposed to the federal govt. There are many things that happened on the state level that absolutely handcuffed the feds. Ok…off my soap box =)

  3. wdporter Says:

    E, you OK?…little bit of a downer, man.

    But I see your point. I was thinking of it the other day, when I saw Romney try to come out with an inspirational “let’s look to the future; there’s so much opportunity” speech.

    Very hard to pull that off with 10 people on the stage, all talking about what’s wrong. (Especially Paul–God bless him–as right as he is on a lot of things, one can’t accuse him of being a raving optimist).

    This is why you hear all the buzz about the “next Reagan.”

    I remember when Ronald Reagan was elected, but I barely remember (1st grade was slightly before my politically aware years).

    Those who do remember, though, always talk about how there was too much doomsday and not enough “city on a hill” talk, and that’s the void that Reagan filled.

    It’s not the Executive branch’s responsibility, but I believe Reagan proved that that sort of blatant optimism can have a seriously positive effect on the country. Solve some problems while simultaneously looking past them.

    This sort of explains the Obama appeal on the other side of the aisle. I wish to God it was enough to get him nominated; even though politically I can’t agree with him on a lot of things, it would just make for a much better General Election.

  4. Rip Says:

    You are right that the good old days are gone. Dishonesty and ineptitude are front and center in our most important institutions. Irrespective of one’s religious views, I think it’s safe to say that the decline in religion in America is contributing to this change.

    Obama is the only candidate that I think can effectively give the “optimism” pitch. John Edwards would like to, but it ain’t happening.

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