Israel guarding America’s Nukes? Yikes !

Pretty scary proposition, ladies and gentlemen. Sorrell’s 4th contribution to the MUCKRAKERREPORT.


3 Responses to “Israel guarding America’s Nukes? Yikes !”

  1. JohnnyB Says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask about this dual citizenship business. Are Feith, etc. dual citizens because they are Jews (on the mothers side, of course) born in America? Bobby Jindal is an Indian born in America, and thus can be a dual citizen of India and America, according to Indian and American laws. I guess I’m wondering , what does Feith and company have to do (besides being Jewish) to become Israeli citizens? If it means renouncing American citizenship, that is a problem. Anyway, Scottie, do you know what the process is there?

  2. scottie Says:

    it means you are a citizen of both countries, plain and simple

    my mom is a dual citizen, but if she were a member of the french gov, hypothetically, and established a record of clearly advocating on behalf of the us in her french government role, there is a basic and obvious conflict of interests.

    israel grants citizenship to anyone who is jewish, and some people have claimed to be jewish but were not just to get israeli citizenship and immigrate.

    of course, the palestinians who who have lived in bethlehem and nazareth since the time of christ are citizens in name, but do not enjoy the same rights and privileges in israeli society as a soviet jew who came to israel in 1985 , for example. seems pretty reprehensible to me.

    you do not need to renounce citizenship, but having observed feith, wolfowitz, perle, bryen, and others who have been investigated for espionage activities against the us and who have clearly advocated on behalf of their other country of citizenship, why are they occupying key roles in our gov’s upper echelons?

    its garbage, and chalk this up to AIPAC’s successful blending of the israeli national interest with the us national interest ; the obvious point is that they are not one in the same, given the events i mentioned in the article.

    nor would this whole scenario be possible if the media was not complicit !

  3. Freddie Sirmans Says:

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