Katrina evacuees in Houston

Every time I hear people say, “The illegals are doing jobs Americans aren’t willing to do!” I think of stories like this:

Many had been holding out hope that they would be home in New Orleans by now, but the city’s rebuilding has been painfully slow, and about 100,000 are still here. They have settled in more or less permanently, some still on food stamps.

About 12,000 families are still getting federal aid for housing, the city said. Of that group, about 5,500 heads of households are unemployed, not counting those who are elderly and disabled, city officials said.

Sadly, Katrina evacuees, citizens of the US of A, are treated with less respect than people who willfully (and sometimes repeatedly) broke American laws to enter the country, and have no plans of assimilating or even learning English. What does Al Sharpton or Hillary Clinton have to say about all this?


7 Responses to “Katrina evacuees in Houston”

  1. wdporter Says:

    Excellent point.

    The question remains, though, even though these evacuees need jobs, are they WILLING to do the jobs that these illegal immigrants are willing to do, and, more importantly, are companies more likely to pursue those who fought tooth and nail to get over here and are (or have the reputation as being) “harder workers” than those on the Government dole.

    There’s a huge knowledge gap out there, but one can’t help but wonder whether if there were less (than the couple million?) illegal immigrants in Texas, that these 5500 heads of household would have plenty of job opportunities.

    My hunch is, without illegals, the economic situation of some of the Democrat Party’s key constituencies would be dramatically improved.

  2. JohnnyB Says:

    Key constituencies of the Democrats…thrown under the bus for non-citizens. Dems can always point to increases in the minimum wage or increased gov’t dole spending, both of which make life worse for the “key constituencies”. In particular, blacks have been treated like second class citizens by the democrats for decades, and that hasn’t kept them from voting en masse for the donkey power. Blacks will have no leverage with either party until some parity between the GOP and Dems affiliation amongst blacks is reached.

  3. JohnnyB Says:

    You can have a black mayor in every city in the US, but as long as all the whites and their money are on the outskirts, you are simply increasing the size of the ghetto. If blacks want to succeed in politics, they will have to play ball with the GOP, IMO. The GOP has some positions that should appeal to blacks, but there isn’t a lot of outreach there.

  4. Cajun Tiger Says:

    I want to scream everytime I hear the phrase “jobs Americans aren’t willing to do”. That is totally BS. If the job wasn’t getting done, I guarantee the companies would find workers to do the jobs. They would have to pay more, but they would get the job done. Illegal immigration hurts the poor more than anyone else. Once again it shows that the Dems really could care less about the poor as long as they continue to blindly vote for them.

  5. scottie Says:

    i saw a black landscape owner interviewed on CNN because he stopped hiring blacks and started hiring mexicans. the black business owner said absenteeism dropped to nil, the workers worked more diligently, had a better attitude than his black workers did. then some crazy black woman called the black business owner a racist, toting jesse’s jackson’s standard type of line, even though the business owner made a personal observation.

    i likely have a very different take than most on “illegal” immigration.
    in 1492, there were some 13,000,000 north americans (native americans).
    by 1892, the population of native americans was around 237,000. this is a percent change of -98% ! Blame Sherman, Sheridan, disease, and plain meanness from an untrustworthy “white man’s” government hellbent on pursuing “manifest destiny” by eradicating the native americans in the way. mexicans are native americans and i say as long as they pay their taxes, let them come and work hard. maybe its the best way to purge this continent of the evil white man’s influence ! for americans in 2007 to make a fuss about immigration when most people complaining are 5th or 6th generation immigrants is terribly shortsighted.

    but they need to pay taxes and not over-burden the system, plain and simple.

  6. JohnnyB Says:


    5th or 6th generation immigrants have no loyalty to their home country, but migrant workers from Mexico have stronger allegiance to Mexico than America. If one is concerned about a handful of Zionist dual citizens with access to government power, one might also be concerned that 10% of the Mexican population (12 million)have the chance to become American citizens.

    If gov’t was as limited as it was 100 years ago, I’d support free immigration of anyone willing to renounce citizenship of their home country and pledge loyalty to the US of A.

  7. wdporter Says:

    I think going back to manifest destiny is a little over the top. Noone in their right mind would argue that it wasn’t cool of us EVIL WHITE PEOPLE to strip natives of their land.

    It’s just not relevant,though. (hell, we evil NEOCON Zionists can’t make it back 60 years, you expect us to go 200? 400?). People from Mexico are currently part of a sovereign nation of Mexico (with VERY strict immigration rules of their own, by the way). They fought for their independence as well, and other than arguably the state of Texas, Natives below the Rio Grande have no more “right” over our land now than the EVIL WHITE PEOPLE who (as you have pointed out) have been here 5 or 6 generations.

    However, your point about the black contractor being accused of racism is dead on. Numbers don’t lie, and if his profitability goes up by hiring Mexicans instead of blacks, then who can tell him he’s wrong?

    The point is that illegal immigrants DO burden the system, but it is equally tragic that they are better workers then those who are blessed enough to be here without having to risk their lives crossing the Rio.

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