Anyone miss Imus? I don’t.

Just in case any of you were wondering how the huge void left by Imus could possibly be filled, how a shock-jock/political commentator’s inaudible and thoughtless rants could possibly be replaced. Worry no more. In the DC market, it has been replaced by a decidedly less editorial and more journalistic show, the Wall Street Journal This Morning.

No “media-elite” guests, or political banter. Just business news coupled with a little shameless promotions by corporate sponsors. Although for a second (actually .63 seconds) I thought I would miss Imus’s mumbling babble to David Gregory, very quickly I felt my IQ points lift slightly as a result of Imuslessness.

The Wall Street Journal This Morning


7 Responses to “Anyone miss Imus? I don’t.”

  1. ND Says:

    Clearly, you didn’t listen to Imus’ show, like most of the pundits who miserably failed to grasp the show’s popularity.

    The “rants”, admittedly inappropriate at times, were a small fraction of what it provided….but some of Don Imus’ most caustic recent “rants” helped force Congress to raise the death benefit for surviving families of Iraq/Afghanistan soldiers who were killed in action from $12,000 to over $250,000, attempted to bully Congress into passing the “Combating Autism” act {a failed effort because supporters blinked instead of fighting on}, and one of his 2006 “rants” was actually tempered with sadness, as he wondered out loud several times on air if Tennessee really would not vote for black Dem. Harold Ford, Jr. because of racism when it was clear to Imus that Ford was the most qualified candidate.

    And you should have heard what Imus screamed when the Republican National Committee ran ads in that campaign featuring a cute young white girl talking about Ford attending a Super Bowl Party sponsored by Playboy {the infamous “Call Me” spot.

    It is particularly sad when the clueless feel their IQ points being raised, when it would require jet propulsion to keep it in the low single digits.

  2. wdporter Says:

    Why ND, what an ugly thing to say. I abhor ugliness.

    First I’ll take your points at face value, and agree with you that Imus indeed had some productive things to say…at times.

    However, I DID listen to his show…quite often, and found a lot of his banter with pundits, politicians, and “media elite” as simply childish, childish enough to where I would often change the station in disgust.

    WHEN he was actually discussing policy, he often had productive things to say, even if I disagreed with him on some of them (like… I dont’ know…Kerry).

    The problem was he spent most of the actual time actually jawing with Gregory or what’s-her-face (the other lady from NBC), talking about nonsense that I just found NEITHER entertaining NOR productive. Some of it was bordering on toilet humor (especially that which involved his guest impressionist guy–Irish priest, Dr. Phil, Jerry Falwell), talking about his wife or whatever else, sometimes even with his son in the studio.

    Perhaps my IQ is in the single digits (unnecessary, and bordering on non-funny, much to the point of my argument here), but perhaps it’s even more important for someone of my limited intellect not to waste their time listening to mindless “shock jockeying” in order to get to real political/news talk.

  3. JohnnyB Says:

    Does “ND” stand for “Not Don”? Classy rant of yours dear fellow. No doubt Imus had some pet causes he found useful, one of which being the Democratic party. But it is interesting that ND concedes LPs point, namely that Imuslessness raises IQ, before insulting him. Not too effective an argument, I’d say. I never listened to Imus but it seems like his racist (or homophobe, or anti-Catholic, take your pick) rants and jokes far outweighed the three “positive” examples you named (I won’t concede the overt race-baiting about Harold Ford as a positive, but the other two seem reasonable).

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone who is dissing Don Imus, has clearely NOT listened to Imus In the Morning. Had you listened, you would know that, Don and his wife, Dierdre, have done more for disadvanged children, than anyone! in our current goverenment! Yes, the Iman pissed me off, many times, but, he made me think, he made me consider where I really stood on issues. He made me look at all the news I was/am being overloaded with, and question whether it was/is authentic. Too bad we weren’t in this mindset in 2003, when we so, happily invaded Irag! Look at the mess we are in now, and, and all the precious lives that have been lost!

    Don Imus was the ONLY one screaming about the paltry amount our soldiers were being paid, not Hillary, not Barak, not McCain! He was the ONLY voice raising money for the Fallen Heroes Fund.

    Don Imus did more for our people, than “dubya” has done! Hey, “dubya”, send your children to Iraq, then tell us how well the war is going! Oh wait, I don’t think there are bars in Iraq….oh, but, um, “dubya’s” girls aren’t of drinking that won’t be a problem!

    Is it obvious, I am so angry! I am a simple housewife; middle-class. My husband works 40+ hours a week, so that we can pay our bills. We put our daughter through college so that she could have a better life than us; we will be paying for that for the next 20 years. She received a scholarship even!, of $12k per year! She did everything right, we did everything right, still, we are struggling with this debt.

    Harold, I was SO much on board with you, but, you LOST me on this one; you totally bailed; and, this just shows me what kind of leader you would be…not the kind I would have faith in. You sort of remind me of the leader we have right now.

  5. JohnnyB Says:

    Hey, donimusmous, Did you cut and paste that from some pro-Imus support board?

  6. wdporter Says:

    Well, only two points:


    “Everyone who is dissing Don Imus, has clearely NOT listened to Imus In the Morning”

    So if you “diss” Don Imus, obviously you’re an idiot and never listened to the show. If you disagree with someone who happens to help disadvantaged children and military families, you just must hate children and families. Yeah I’m done with that.


    Who, in the name of all that is holy, is Harold?

  7. Cajun Tiger Says:

    Being in the DC market and being able to listen the WSJ show now instead of Imus, I definitley concur that my IQ has definitely gone up several points.

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