How to clear Google search history

From a friend, for the paranoid. I tried wrapping tin foil on my fingers while I search, but this is likely a better solution:

If you have a Google account (e.g., G-Mail) and are logged in when you use Google, they are building an on-going history of everything you search for. As one writer put it, ‘If you can’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday, Google will help you remember your searches from last year.’

To delete your search history from Google’s database, do the following:
Go to
Log in to your Google account
Click the Search History button
Click the Browse All History link
Click the Remove Items link
Click the Clear Entire Search History link
Check the box at the bottom of the list that says “Do not collect any history until I choose to resume.”
Click the Clear History button.
That’s it.


3 Responses to “How to clear Google search history”

  1. wdporter Says:

    OK, but I’m not convinced that just because I delete it, that means Google doesn’t still remember every site I’ve been to.

    Just because I can’t trace it back anymore…

  2. Rip Says:

    Logging in to took me to a page at which I was presented with a user agreement. I did not proceed, as it would have required some type of installation (maybe it’s because I don’t already have the Google toolbar).

  3. wdporter Says:

    The user agreement says something like:

    “From this point forward, everything you do on the Internet will be tracked, recorded, and reported to the NSA…”

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