Immigration bill survives attack on temporary worker program

Does anyone but me get the impression that the Senate is in that classic mode of putting through legislation for the purpose of putting through legislation, so they can go back to the voters and say, “I lead the effort for ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform .”

Now true, if Ted Kennedy AND John McCain are both happy with a piece of legislation, I just automatically get nervous. But it seems like the “attacks” that the Senate keeps fighting back are just simple common sense. Can anyone argue that the unifying forces forming this “unlikely coalition” are very simply agri-business (sorry…BIG AGRA) and labor-unions, both lining the pockets and providing power to two political parties, 64 percent of which have somehow missed the simple fact that their constituents DO NOT BELIEVE THEM when they say they are going to be “tough” on border security, especially when the bill provides very little teeth and details on that point.

These are the times when Scottie’s national referendum rants seem to make sense…if just for a few moments.

International Herald Tribune


2 Responses to “Immigration bill survives attack on temporary worker program”

  1. JohnnyB Says:

    I don’t understand why labor unions are behind this bill.

    The media all seem to support this bill as well, across the board. I watched Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and that awful dude Bill Maher. All were for this bill before people had a chance to read it. Seems like the Wall Street Journal and La Raza are running this country now.

  2. wdporter Says:

    you know I can’t quote a union directly on this bill in particular, but just know that over the last few years, given a lack of ability to track new members, they have generally been supportive of lax immigration standards. If I’m way off on that someone is welcome to correct me.

    However, Big AGRA, is most definitely behind this, and that has “bipartisan” consequences.

    I literally cannot watch Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc…anymore. It just makes me crazy.

    Most of my news comes from the Internet. It’s mainly because I’m less likely to scream at the computer when I read something that drives me insane, than I am at the TV when watching something that drives me insane.

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