At first I thought, “OK, Dems are backing off a little on their ‘let’s lose as soon as possible’ strategy, and the White House is finally acknowledging that if Baghdad isn’t held accountable for stepping up and taking control of their destiny, then we’ll never get anywhere.”

Great, right?

OH No…it seems that somehow health coverage for children, farm aid, a minimum wage increase (double AAARGGH) , and tax breaks for small businesses must be included with the bill.

It reminds me of when my grandmother was suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis (yeah, I know…bear with me). She’d take about 10 pills twice a day…one for pain, one for inflammation, one for something else, and the other 7 to counteract the vicious side-effects of the first three.

I understand the concept of give and take in the Senate. I probably would never make it as a Senator (OK for tons of reasons) because I would not be able to sign off on bills which included 80% BS. But the inability of the Senate to formulate good legislation (especially a military funding bill) without packing on lard…well it’s just sad.

Democrats to fund Iraq war with no pullout date


3 Responses to “AAAARRRGHHH!!! Again”

  1. Jim G. Hamster Says:

    Why are you arrrrggghing over Democrats behaving like Democrats? According to that article, Bush hasn’t agreed to any of those provisions (yet?). Not even to the accountability of Baghdad provision (which is actually not that bad, seeing as it’s reconstruction aid being cut and not military aid).

  2. wdporter Says:

    If you think only Democrats are responsible for this nonsense, you’re not paying attention. Much of this has to do with Republicans believing that the last election meant, “We need to be more moderate” or “we wouldn’t have lost if it wasn’t for this pesky war.”

    And McCain’s “spending like drunken sailors” rhetoric seems pretty shallow when he doesn’t make a stand against farm aid and child health insurance in a defense bill.

    And the accountability of Baghdad provision is not only “not that bad” but is essential, and should include military aid. As long as Baghdad is being held accountable and not our military being left out to dry, I’m all for it.

  3. Jim G. Hamster Says:

    I’m saying that this is what Democrats do. When the Republicans behave like Democrats, I “arrrgh” (and I do it more frequently than I prefer). But to expect any better from the Democrats is silly. They don’t even pretend to be interested in less spending, unless it’s on missile defense or other military spending.

    And as much as I would like to have said that the Republicans lost because they weren’t conservative enough (i.e. they were behaving like Democrats), there is no question that it was due to in large part the war… And I support the war. Maybe in some very close elections, Republicans lost because they weren’t acting like conservatives, but not for many.

    I disagree on including military aid. Including it goes by the premise that we have no national interest in winning there. There is American value to the reconstruction aid as well, but less direct.

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