Yep…didn’t watch it.

It’s tragic really, but I completely forgot about the debate tonight. Did anyone get a chance to watch it? I remember hearing on the radio:

NO opening statements.
NO closing statements.
NO direct questions between candidates.
ONE minute answers.
10 candidates again (?)

Debate? Sorry, just couldn’t get excited about it. House was pretty cool, though.

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6 Responses to “Yep…didn’t watch it.”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    Just turned on Fox News’ poll has Paul having won the debate…30%, Romney 28%, Giulliani, 16%…

    McCain got 2%!!! (so far)

    Text voting, though…how reliable is that. Sanjaya hung on for 5 extra weeks on text votes.

  2. Jim G. Hamster Says:

    That poll is nonsense. Not that Paul had a chance to win, but his stock took a huge nosedive from that debate. He certainly made the biggest bang in the debate, but not to his advantage.

    To me there were two clear winners: Giuliani (in part due to an exchange he had with Paul during Paul’s nosedive), and Huckabee (who continues to impress me).

    For full disclosure, I am a Giuliani supporter. But I still try to be an objective observer. For instance, I’m not so biased that I think he did well in the first debate.

  3. Logipundit Says:

    I saw some of the interviews on Hannity and Colmes after the debate…and most of them were pretty good.

    I think, though, that Tancredo was mistaken when he said that McCain voted for the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Wasn’t McCain one of only two Senators (Hagel the other) who voted against it? If so, noone called Tancredo on it.

    Scottie, what did you think about Paul? I think he really made a mistake when he somehow blamed 911 on our presence in Iraq???

    It seems contradictory to say Iraq has nothing to do with 911 and then to say we deserved it because we’re over in Iraq. He may not have meant it that way, but that is exactly what he said.

  4. scottie Says:

    that poll is nonsense ?

    do you have other poll numbers that you consider more trustworthy?

    are you able to know how all americans who viewed the debate felt about the exchange between giuliani and paul, or the other candidates statements?

    its a bit disengenuous when you dismiss the results of a poll simply because they dont support your candidate.

    polls can be misleading, but you should offer some factual evidence that counters the results of the poll, and not dismiss it outright because you dont like the numbers.

    would you say the poll was nonsense if it had giuliani in the lead?

  5. Logipundit Says:

    I’m sure some alternatives will come up over the next few days. I will say that as a rule, polls that are initiated by the pollster are way more reliable, because you can only vote once.

    Again, Sanjaya, ’nuff said.

    But what Mr. Hamster might be missing is the difference between likely voters being polled on who they would vote for, and watchers of the debate voting on who won the debate.

    Those who agree (or at least on the surface share the frustration) with Ron Paul on the Iraq issue (and REAL polls show that to be the case)…it’s not shock a majority could believe that he won the debate.

    Did you see the interview with him where he said he would NOT run as an independent or third party?

  6. Jim G. Hamster Says:

    It’s nonsense because I watched the debate with my eyes open.

    Believe me, if there was a candidate I’d love to see be viable, it was Ron Paul. We need a libertarian who understands the limited role of government, as outlined by our Constitution. I am a Giuliani fan, but I wanted to be a Paul fan. After that display last night, he makes it very difficult.

    If Giuliani topped the poll, I wouldn’t say it was nonsense. BUT I would acknowledge the poll to be for what it was – a totally unscientific poll… albeit more closely reflecting reality.

    Remember back in 2000: Alan Keyes won all the Internet polls, too. The campaign actively got its people to stack those polls.

    In this case, it doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to see that Ron Paul’s showing in the poll is based on his activists stacking the poll with lots of help from the anti-war lefties.

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