Chinese seafood restrictions in Louisiana

Congratulations to Bob Odom, for taking time out of his busy schedule to do his job. As politics trend further toward federalism, states will have to take more initiative to keep their citizens safe.

Last week, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce announced it had ordered a halt to the sale of Chinese catfish in Mississippi grocery stores after tests found ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin, members of the fluoroquinolones family of antibiotics, which are banned for use in the United States.

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries conducted similar tests and last month placed a stop-sale order on all catfish imported from China. Commissioner Ron Sparks said 14 of 20 Chinese catfish samples had tested positive for fluoroquinolones.

Last week, U.S. Rep. Mike Ross, an Arkansas Democrat, said that he has asked the FDA to ban imported Chinese fish being sold as catfish until an investigation is complete.

Catfish Farmers of America, a trade group based in Jackson, Mississippi, says fluoroquinolones “can cause serious side effects including nerve, muscle and heart problems, as well as allergic reactions.” Resistance to fluoroquinolones also can develop rapidly, causing possibly life-threatening consequences for some consumers, the catfish trade group said.

Anyone till craving Chinese crawfish?

Oh, yeah, and an epidemic in south China is causing pigs to bleed through their bodies…

Hong Kong television broadcasts and newspapers were full of lurid accounts today of pigs staggering around with blood pouring from their bodies in Gaoyao and neighboring Yunfu, both in Guangdong Province. The Apple Daily newspaper said that as many as 80 percent of the pigs in the area had died, that panicky farmers were selling ailing animals at deep discounts and that pig carcasses were floating in a river.

The reports in Hong Kong said the disease began killing pigs after the Chinese New Year celebrations in February, and is now spreading. But state-controlled news outlets in China have reported almost nothing about the pig deaths, and very little about the wheat gluten problem.


10 Responses to “Chinese seafood restrictions in Louisiana”

  1. MOM Says:


    I have seen China first-hand; I was in awe of their abilities. For the up-coming Olympics, they have planted entire forests along the roads and railways. They started this years ago because the willow trees are now huge. I went from Peking to the Sacred Mountains (near Mongolia) and saw massive fields of corn stretching for hundreds of miles.

    The people did not seem at all oppressed, but those of my family who lived there said that they were. There are thousands and thousands of new cars. The high-rise buildings in Peking rival those in New York. The market is great. If one doesn’t speak Chinese, all one has to do to make a bid for an item is tap on a calculator your counter-offer, usually about 1/3rd of their first price. I saw the crawfish in the markets. (They are black as opposed to our brown ones.) Even in France, one cannot buy Louisiana crawfish, but one can buy Chinese crawfish. (We, from Louisiana, are losing an opportunity here, because the Chinese crawfish are peeled, cooked, and ready to eat, but maybe we would have to pay more if we exported more.)

    I would submit that Louisiana crawfish growers could make millions if they developed an export for crawfish, peeled, cooked, and ready to eat. I know that France rejected Louisiana live crawfish because they are so aggressive, but dead, cooked ones are another matter.

    As for medical supplies, why are we importing them? Blame our entrepreneurs!

  2. JohnnyB Says:

    The Spanish entrepreneurs were lied to, in the case of of prescription drugs. The Chinese company sold diethylene glycol, the main component in anti-freeze, as glycerine. If the Spanish company orders glycerine and gets diethylene glycol in a bottle labeled “glycerine”, I would say it’s harder to place all the blame on them. I think you could blame the companies for trusting Chinese subsidiaries.

    Wheat gluten from China containing melamine has poisoned innumerable pets in the US. Now they are finding high doses of anti-biotic in Chinese catfish. These are likely farm-pond fish, and the crawfish from China are likely to be grown in similar conditions.

    Reporters without borders ranked China as one of the most restrictive against the press. China recently jailed a NY Times reporter. In the same report, Israel had no considerable restrictions on the press. We all know the atrocities of Israel, but know less about China. Doesn’t mean they don’t occur.

    I’m sure if I went to Shanghai I would be impressed. I will settle for Hong Kong, at least until 2046. You may have been impressed by the willow trees, but what you didn’t see were the houses of Chinese citizens bulldozed to erect the Olympic stadiums.

    The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. Yes, you will not be oppressed if you are a member of the party and live in the big cities. If you are a Catholic, or a Muslim, or Buddhist, or practice Falun Gong, or have AIDS or SARS, or a reporter for the NY Times….well, like I said, I’m sure the willow trees were beautiful.

    Exporting Louisiana crawfish peeled makes perfect sense. Thanks for brining that issue to light.

  3. Nick Says:

    “Anyone till craving Chinese crawfish?”

    Exactly, anyone still wants to buy cheap Chinese crawfish when perfectly good, fresh ones from Louisiana and Texas are available?

    I have NEVER bought Chinese crawfish and don’t intend to. I always check the package and will even question the store if I have to.

  4. Logipundit Says:

    Nick, you gotta let us know some companies or some suppliers that we “expats” can get to ship up here to Ohio, VA, etc…or at least someone we can let our local grocery stores know about so they’ll stop buying this Chinese stuff (and I promise–it ain’t cheap).

    As far as peeled crawfish tails (the lion’s share of my crawfish consumption) Chinese is usually the only option outside of the “deep south”. Who should I tell my grocery stores to get it from?

  5. Nick Says:


    There’s an entity called Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board.

    I link them on my website under LA Business and Economic Development. They offer a list of wholesale suppliers, with an airplane logo next to those who ship. Check it out.

    One idea may be to contact them as question their marketing plan to promote Louisiana grown seafood in grocery stores across the U.S.

  6. MOM Says:


    I can’t let all of what you said go unchallenged. I did see the houses that have now been bull-dozed to make way for the high rise buildings. I saw an entire ancient village whose inhabitants were going to be relocated because it is a frequented site for tourists. China was building a new city for all of the poeple who were going to be displaced, so they weren’t actually throwing them on the streets without compensation.

    I went to villages where the inhabitants had never seen Western people. They were terribly disappointed, in fact, that we were “French” and not “Americans”. They practiced their English that they were learning in school on us, anyway. What I observed is that even in the remote villages, they live better than most Yemenis and Surinamers and they have lots more to eat than in those countries. In Yemen, old Toyota trucks acount for most of the vehicles on the roads. In China, the cars are new. There are new cars even on those back alleys that maybe will be replaced by new high-rise buildings in Peking. (Trucks (18-wheeler types) aren’t allowed on the highways until after midnight. Of course, this is a function of high-traffic, but I can tell you for sure that the truckers don’t stop driving all night long and from the sound of the trucks, they certainly weren’t new ones.)

    I can say unequivocably that Chinese women are much better off than Yemeni women, who cannot inherit, and if their male relatives don’t accept responsibility for them after their husbands die, they are on the streets begging. I assure you that begging in such a poor country is not the same as begging in the U.S. or Europe.

    I know that a Chinese entrepreneur came to France and copied a chateau in the town where we lived before we moved South. Now he is copying many others that he is making into hotels in China.

    At our hotel, one morning, suddenly there were hundreds and hundreds of chinese babies who weren’t there the day before…with their new American parents.

    I am not apologizing for the Chinese if they are selling defective products to the world. I just don’t believe, as you seem to do, that they rank at the bottom of the pile of human misery.

  7. Logipundit Says:

    I just hate to butt in here but I can’t help it.

    Where in Johnny’s argument was China rated “bottom of the pile of human misery”?

    Oppression and “misery” are two different animals…and comparisons with Yemen and Suriname with China is like comparing Apples to Elephants. Just because these two governments are democratic and their women are worse off that means an oppressive communist regime is a-ok?

    Women’s rights in a Muslim country are ALWAYS going to be worse than in just about any other country, communist, democratic or otherwise.

    Check this article out. Not to Muslim-bash, but women’s rights is not one of their strengths.

    I honestly don’t think either of your accounts really contradict each other.

    You can have great markets, impressive buildings, an Olympic stadium, a new city to house those displaced by said stadium, great hotels, beautiful willow trees and still have an oppressive regime that doesn’t allow free press, freedom of religion, fair property rights, etc. etc…A beautiful prison is still a prison.

    Anyway, at least now I know where to find Louisiana-raised crawfish.

  8. JohnnyB Says:

    I have no doubt that the Chinese are better off than the Yemeni or Surinamers. That is not a very high bar to set.

  9. MOM Says:


    Freedom of the press? Like we have? Our government is now trying to force internet companies to provide their “keys” so that even the internet can be controlled by the thought police.

  10. Logipundit Says:

    And I’m wholeheartedly against that.

    So what’s your point?

    We seem to have a tendency here to make arguments about one country by bringing up the flaws of another.

    Anyway…it’s late (or early) here…need sleep eventually.

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