Thimerosal update

A good article on what we know now about thimerosal and autism (i.e. not much)

Thimerosal has been withdrawn from many pediatric vaccines since 1999 as a result of concerns over the neurodevelopmental toxicity of organic mercury although it is still used in influenza, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccinations (Goth et al, 2006).

In the United States autism, once a rare condition (Goodman & Koduru, 2000), has increased from 4 – 5 per 10,000 children in the 1980’s to 30 – 60 per 10,000 children in the 1990’s, an increase of more than ten times, and the diagnosis of ADHD increased 250% between 1990 and 1998 (Szpir, 2006). The cause of these diseases is largely unknown at this time though some researchers are looking to phthalates, PCB’s, and other chemicals for which use has increased about the same time (Booker, 2001). A 2006 study concluded that there is a potential association between autism and estimated metal concentrations in the air (Windham et al, 2006). Another study postulates that thimerosal may be a potential triggering mechanism contributing to autism in susceptible individuals (Walker et al, 2006).

To date no studies have been performed to compare human populations vaccinated and populations unvaccinated. In the past the Centers for Disease Control (CC) has purported vaccines and autism to be unrelated or casually related (Institute of Medicine, 2004) though the CDC has recently announced the funding of a multi-agency study to determine the potential for environmental and genetic causes of autism which includes thimerosal (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006).

It’s a long article, and I’m not sure if I buy it all, but it is something to keep in mind.


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