That is a HelluvaThing to Say !

The scare tactics are still being performed, this time not by the government, but by a would-be President, who crosses the line with this politicized statement.

Whatever merits he had for running on the Republican side, a comment like this should seriously cost him his bid.

For a man who helped block investigating 9-11 rigorously, to use 9-11 to further one’s political campaign is disgusting.

I’d love to spit some beech nut in that dude’s eye ….


4 Responses to “That is a HelluvaThing to Say !”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    Agreeing with Scottie is so much fun.

    It’s not that Rudy doesn’t have the right to say that a Republican will “stay on the offensive” more than a Democrat. It’s probably true, however it misses the point.

    Neither of the Democratic frontrunners are blatant pacifists (the only one that would concern me on this front is Edwards). When they’re in the Oval office they’ll be forced to take threats of terrorism seriously. The world of high and empty rhetoric on terrorism, but focus on “domestic issues,” is over.

    Saying a Democrat, ANY Democrat, will make us less safe, just because he’s a Democrat is indeed a chickens*** thing to say, and clouds the real issues.

  2. JohnnyB Says:

    Well, I think he could have easily quoted John Kerry in 2004 when Kerry essentially conceded that we need to accept the fact that islamic terrorism was here to stay and we should treat it as a law enforcement issue, i.e. wait for more attacks and then prosecute the bad guys.

    Now that the Dems think they have a chance they won’t make these kind of statements, but there is plenty of precedent there.

    Considering Nancy Pelosi’s recent schizophrenia, in which she visits Syria and dons a headscarf, and now wants to alienate a NATO ally in Turkey by proposing an Armenian holocaust day or some such. Courting quasi-pariah states while alienating moderate (though not perfect) democracies does not good foreign policy make.

    I can applaud Pelosi’s ideals in standing up for the Armenians (and their donors), but it’s not the right time to make more enemies in the middle east. I don’t even have a problem with the Syrian visit, but the contrast is startling.

    A bit of a tangent, but further evidence that Guiliani’s lack of confidence in democratic foreign policy and security is warranted.

  3. scottie Says:

    johnny b, john kerry’s views do not represent the entire democratic caucus, plain and simple

    lack of confidence in foreign policy is one thing. politicizing 9-11 for one’s personal political gain is wrong. playing the fear card for political gain should be insulting to those he intends to bring into his corner.

    i could say more on guiliani’s track record concerning 9-11 but i wont …

  4. JohnnyB Says:

    The Dem’s often claim that Bush’s war in Iraq has made us less safe. Bush doesn’t represent the entire Republican caucus either, yet he is figurehead of the party, the mantle Kerry chose in ’04.

    When Guiliani makes this kind of statement, keep in mind he’s really only talking about the three front-runners (Clinton, Edwards, Obama), it’s not like Harry Truman is going to rise from his grave for the campaign.

    Further, when you read the entire article it is much more articulate comparison than the headline suggests. I’m more worried about attacks before the election, as this tactic worked in Spain.

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