Resistance or Terror?

Forget for a moment that the Mossad helped create Hamas as a counterweight to the PLO, and forget that Condaleeza Rice has been so pro-Israel in all other matters, do one tiny thing out of line with the Zionist agenda, and they throw a temper tantrum !


One Response to “Resistance or Terror?”

  1. Logipundit Says:

    Yeah I agree with you on this one…sort of. Much ado about nothing, in my opinion to call Hamas a “resistance movement.” They were exactly that…and they are also a terrorist organization.

    I don’t think resistance and terror are necessarily mutually exclusive. Isn’t targeting civilians the thing that makes any group (including a resistance movement) a terrorist organization?

    And it’s rarely a good idea for a Secretary of State to identify those they are trying to “dialogue” with as a terrorist organization, even if it’s true.

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